The Northeast Academy of Dance prepares for its weekend show titled ‘A Night at the Opera’ feautring pieces from The Phantom of the Opera and Madame Butterfly among others. 

OSCODA – The Northeast Academy of Dance (NEAD) celebrates the opening of its 23rd season with ‘A Night At The Opera,’ directed, choreographed and written by Scott Heinrich & Giuseppe Canale with narration by Tim Cutis and Nicole Markey.

The program is a journey through the music and stories told through opera, some well known, and others less well known. All in all, the program will feature 22 different pieces that range from historical, serious, tragic, comic, political, modern, musical operas as well as rock opera.

Selections from Phantom of the Opera, Julius Caesar, Madame Butterfly, La Traviata, Porgy & Bess, Pagliacci, The Valkyrie and Carmen are just some of the opera’s students will perform through a combination of ballet, contemporary and jazz dance.

Highlights in the program include a masquerade ball, Shakespeare’s Juliet, Mary Queen of Scot’s march to her execution, a band of wild gypsies telling fortunes, show girls dancing to Mack the Knife, a tribute to one of the worst singers of all time - Florence Foster Jenkins, Carmen’s seductive dancing and Queen’s rock classic Bohemian Rhapsody.

Colorful and surprising costumes sets and images, all create a dazzling effect. Kathy Morton, Jeanne Hamilton, Alina Kaiserman and Canale have all contributed some beautiful, and in some cases, tricky, costume sewing skills.

“This is one of our most ambitious projects to date. When we first shared the idea with our students, they were like Opera? Huh? Why? But the more they immersed themselves in the music, ideas and movement, the more they all have come around to appreciate it,” said Heinrich.

Dancers in the production include Paige Ashley (Grayling), Emmy Buchanan (AuGres), Emma Clarke (Oscoda), Kaitlyn Crandell (Oscoda), Lily DeJohn (Greenbush), Adrie and Emersyn Dembowske (Tawas), Chloe Erwin (Grayling), Alina Kaiserman (Tawas), Cathy Kappius (Oscoda), Maya and Sydney Lopez (Oscoda), Kairie Miller (Oscoda), Sarah Morton (Tawas), Hannah Potts (Oscoda), Rilee Tracy (Harrisville), Danielle Velasco (Oscoda), Hannah Velasco (Tawas).

Tickets for the performances are $13 for adults, $11 for seniors, and $6 for students and are available at the door. The program is expected to run for 2 hours and 20 minutes with one intermission. For Saturday’s performance, the academy encourages the audience to dress up in their best evening “night out” attire. There will be refreshments offered during the Saturday night intermission.

Also, part of the program will be 22 art pieces crafted by students from Tawas High School’s art class with the help of Wynne Erickson. Since August, Heinrich has been busy creating posters that reflect each segment of the program with the idea that artists would be inspired by them to create their own artwork. The pieces will all be displayed on the walls inside the auditorium. Posters can be found at

“I feel like there’s something in this program for everyone, whether you like opera or not,” said Heinrich.

For more information about the Academy and its programs, call 739-7955.