CCAC Human Resources in collaboration with the CCAC Wellness Committee held CCAC’s fifth annual Wellness Fair at the South Campus. This year, the fair featured over 30 vendors and attractions to include a Fitness Corner, a Mini-Clinic and a Veterans’ Corner.

There was a strong turnout of varying populations of CCAC employees and students. The event was widely hailed as a success due to the diverse amount and types of vendors that were in attendance. This could not have been possible without CCAC North Campus employees Maggy May Weider for her contributions in securing participating vendors and Michele Lee in tandem with South Campus employee Stephanie Green for hosting the ‘Veteran’s Corner’ at the Wellness Fair.

Maggy was able to secure a diverse range of vendors to participate through Google Map searches. This enabled her to contact many different types of vendors local to the South Campus immediate community and outside of it. She stated it was easy for vendors to get to the campus and be able to set up quickly to be available for those present at the Wellness Fair. Participating vendors were asked to provide an item to raffle for employees and students at the Wellness Fair.

Most vendors gladly complied as the Wellness Fair was free to all participating vendors. As a participant in the Wellness Fair herself, Maggy stated there was a lot of interaction between the attendees and the vendors, which led to increased awareness of businesses that are health-centric in the community.

Another success that arose as a result of the Wellness Fair was the impact of the Veterans Corner hosted by CCAC’s Military and Veteran’s services. In speaking with Michele Lee, she stated there was a lot of student and employee participation prior to and during the Wellness Fair.

The Veteran’s Corner was focused on veteran services that were available to veterans and was also used as a platform to facilitate a Christmas card and blanket drive in which 200 cards and blankets were donated to a local VA facility for Christmas.

The remaining blankets that were left over from this event were donated on Valentine’s Day. The Wellness Fair served as a vehicle to get a lot of information out to veteran employees and students. Michele was thankful to Yvonne Powers, a wellness coordinator, for the invitation to participate in the Wellness Fair.

The Veteran’s Corner led to future opportunities for collaboration and service with other organizations. This would not have been possible without the Wellness Fair acting as a springboard.

Overall, the fifth annual Wellness Fair at South Campus was a success. It allowed for collaboration and networking between CCAC employees, students and local community organizations committed to health and wellness.

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