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It’s tax season once again, and stress levels are high. While you are plunging away those numbers and stressing about refunds and payments to the IRS, there are ways you can keep those anxieties under control.

Some tips from the experts

According to the Income Tax School, among the best ways to cope are meditation, listening to music, exercise, practicing gratefulness, taking breaks and connecting with family and friends.

And here is why: It has proven to work effectively. If you are one who hasn’t practiced medication yet, maybe it is time you educate yourself on how to do it and get into it. Put those headphones on, make some new friends, and connect to get those endorphins rushing.

According to Accounting Today, getting a mental break from overthinking, a walk-in nature, fresh air, moving your body, and raying properly hydrated can keep you in check.

According to, you can boost that level of happiness up by rewarding yourself for doing such an awesome job, looking forward not backward, focusing on what you can control, and pivoting your perspective. Once you have the mental game under control, the battle will be yours.


Find a nice quiet place, close your eyes, monitor your breath, and let the peace take your mind away from those tax thoughts.


Find an exercise you enjoy, whether it’s yoga, running, weightlifting, dancing or whatever it might be, and spend at least 30 minutes doing it. That keeps those endorphins going, so that you are in a better mood to tackle those numbers.

Fresh air

Take 15 minutes to go outside and smell the air, feel the breeze and look around. Fresh air helps lift our mood and spirits up, and it gives the necessary break the mind needs to get some oxygen in.

Proper nutrition

What you feed your body is essential to a sharper mind and mental clarity. Try to add some more veggie and fruits to your diet and see those vitamin levels go up, helping to fight the stress and anxiety of tax season ahead.

Practice gratefulness

Believe it or not, being grateful can make you feel a bit more in peace internally, whether it is being grateful for your job, your accountant, or the fact that you are getting a refund after all this madness is over.

Connect with family and friends

Now is the time to call your friend or family member you meant to call for so long. They can give you some updates and tips on how to manage stress and be happier. Most importantly, they will lift your mood up and take away your mind from overthinking tax season.

Reward yourself

How about a nice bath, a movie you wanted to see, or treat yourself to that thing you always wanted to buy just for going through it and making it on the other side of tax madness?

Focus on what you can control

Leave the numbers to your accountant or that tax website or app you have, and trust it will work itself out, even if it takes longer than expected.

Look forward and not backward

You can’t change the past, but you can most certainly change the future, so why worry?

Pivot your perspective

Stay positive and firm. It will be over soon.

Now that you have our top 10 tips on managing stress and anxiety during tax season, we are confident you will get out saner than ever before after the tax season madness.