When a loved one receives the unfortunate diagnosis of cancer, it’s not only life changing for them, but also for the people they hold dear. On this Celeb Deep Dives episode, we speak with Katie Couric and learn her perspective on how coping with cancer – as a patient, caregiver or survivor – can be more difficult during our current COVID-19 pandemic. Katie Couric discusses how her husband and sister’s cancer diagnosis changed their world, how their battle with the disease affected their family, and why she is speaking up about the lasting impact of a cancer diagnosis - even after treatment is over.

Health Deep Dives is our new series featuring in-depth reporting and expert interviews on issues at the top of your mind. From the dangers of popular diets to whether it's safe to sweat it out at the gym during a pandemic, we break down the answers to your deepest questions.

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Katie Couric on the Lasting Impact of Her Husband’s Cancer Diagnosis | Celebrity Deep Dives | Health