TAWAS CITY – Iosco County has recorded its first death related to the COVID-19 virus, according to a press release issued Saturday by District Health Department No. 2 (DHD2).

According to the press release, the individual, a male from Iosco County, was tested after passing away. The result of the test was that he was positive for COVID-19.

Officials provided no other information on the individual in the release, including the age, residence or possible previous health issues with the individual.

“We wish to express our heartfelt sympathies to the family who has lost their loved one,” said Denise Bryan, health officer for DHD2. “This is a tragic reminder of how serious a threat COVID-19 is to our community.” 

In the release, Bryan said DHD2 would like to remind everyone that in this difficult time it is critical that we protect each other, support each other, and work together to slow the spread of this virus. It’s important for residents to be aware of the virus and the efforts necessary to prevent its spread.

“As this situation continues to evolve, we ask all of our residents to take the appropriate precautions. Strong community mitigation and prevention measures are already in place,” stated the release.

DHD2 also urged residents to continue to follow recommendations:

• Stay at home. Do not leave home except for essential tasks such as getting groceries or seeking medical care.

• If you must go out, stay at least six feet away from others and avoid any gatherings.

• Wash your hands frequently for at least twenty seconds.

• Avoid touching your face.

• Disinfect commonly touched surfaces.

• Check on others. Call your loved ones and neighbors who are most at risk and see how they are doing. If they require something essential, see how you can help.

• Get your information from reliable sources such as the www.cdc.gov/coronavirus, www.mdhhs/coronavirus, www.dhd2.org/COVID-19.

In addition, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has a hotline number that Michigan residents can call to ask questions about COVID-19. The number is 1-888-535-6136 and is available seven days a week from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Residents can also send an email to: COVID19@michigan.gov. Emails will be answered seven days a week between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.