Siren shows off their guitar skills during their set at Oscoda Rock Fest. 

OSCODA – Nine bands rocked Furtaw Field in Oscoda for the first ever Oscoda Rock Fest on Saturday, Aug. 10. 


The Oscoda Rock Fest crowd amplified as the sun set and hundreds of attendees converged on Furtaw Field to watch the rock shows, Aug. 10.

Kicking off the festival, which began at 1 p.m., was the lead singer from Here After Six, Jake Priest performed the “Star-Spangled Banner” alongside musician Jennifer Nageale and Levi Johnson on electric guitar. 


Silverspork captured the crowd with their performance during the Oscoda Rock Fest.

Following this were performances by Silverspork, Grounded, Siren, Everyday Ghost, Damned by Dawn, Polychromic, Assault the Silence, Here After Six, and The Infamous.


Damned by Dawn rocks out at the Oscoda Rock Fest.  The event was held as a fundraiser for the Oscoda Veterans Memorial Park and featured nine bands performing on Furtaw Field.

Throughout the day hundreds of concert goers trickled in and out of the festival. 


Lead singer James Priest ofthe band Here After Six shares an intimate moment with the crowd.

At around 8 p.m Here After Six stole the show with a performance that Lead singer Jake Priest dedicated to his deaf sister. The song titled “Hear Me,” brought many concert goers to tears.  

The event featured several local business tents and food trucks such as Wolverine State Credit Union, Hungry Howie’s, Rob’s BBQ, Zachzilla’s, and the Oscoda Sport Boosters. 

Alongside the businesses were merchandise tents for each band who played during the festival. 

All proceeds accumulated during the event will go towards the Veteran’s Memorial Park Fund, which hopes to have the festival become an annual event.

For more information about the Oscoda Rock Fest visit or on Facebook.