Interact Club President Sophia Rayes presents members of the Oscoda Township Police Department with a thank you banner.

OSCODA – Fifteen members of the Oscoda High School (OHS) Interact Club visited the Oscoda Police Department on Friday, Nov. 13, to thank the officers for their faithful service to our community. 

The students presented the department with a huge thank you banner which had been signed by many students and teachers during the week. They also awarded the officers with police flag pins and a dozen donuts. 

“Each of you plays a vital role in keeping our town not only functioning, but thriving. You resolve issues between our citizens, provide counseling for our students and adults, provide aid in accidents, fires and rescues,” said Interact Club President Sophia Rayes. “You all serve as amazing mentors, protectors, and friends – something that not every community is fortunate enough to have. So, as you do your job as officers to make our community safe and successful, we will do our job as a community to embrace and appreciate everything you do for us.” 

Interact Club Vice President Caitlin Berney presented police flag pins to each of the officers.  Co-Advisors Mary Reitler and Dr. Jim Kent interviewed the officers, and students asked questions of them. 

Additional Interact Club members present were Riley Beauchamp, Paige Dalpizzol, Lucas Farrier, Hunter Gerow, William Kopke, Nichole Leeseberg, Libby Mongeau, Jessica Montgomery, Madelyn Nogle, Stephanie Oakes, Keyana Quintanilla, Olivia Toppi, and Savahanna Webster. The OHS Interact Club is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Oscoda.

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