TAWAS CITY – Two grants that would help Iosco County agencies were recently approved by the Iosco County Board of Commissioners during their Oct. 7 video conference meeting. 

One grant would strengthen the infrastructure of Iosco Transit, the county’s public transportation system. The second, through the Iosco County Sheriff’s Office, will help protect and clean county facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first grant was an approval of a $20,000 grant for Iosco Transit that will be used to provide a new roof for the facility, which is located on Aldrich Road in Baldwin Township.

The grant, according to documentation, is in two parts from the Federal Transit Administration, which will provide the lion’s share of the grant funding at $16,000, and from the Michigan Department of Transportation, which will provide the remaining $4,000 for the grant. It is known as grants for Rural Areas Program and the Surface Transportation Program.

After Chairman Robert Huebel read the resolution to accept the grant for the agency. Commissioner Terry Dutcher cast a motion to approve the grant, and was supported by Commissioner John Moehring. Before the vote Dutcher said that he thought that $20,000 was a lot to repair the roof of the facility.

Moehring explained that the facility is quite large.

“It has offices as well as a garage area for maintenance and repairs to the buses,” he said. “I think they want to do this before it gets too bad, nothing worse than a leaky roof it leads to all sorts of interior problems.”

Moehring said the grant was a way to help transit so that the agency did not have to dip into its own funds. After the discussion the motion was unanimously approved by commissioners.

The second proposal for grants was from the Iosco County Sheriff Department and was through the state’s Fiscal year 2020 Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental  Funding Program. According to Deputy Matthew Klosowski, the grant would be used for the sheriff department and the Iosco County Prosecutor’s Office to purchase items that would be used by the county to keep employees and the community safe from the coronavirus with an award total of $49,021.

Klosowski explained the purpose of the grant and what it would be used. He said the grant was fast-tracked because of the virus’ prevalence in the county building. He said the grant would be used to purchase disinfectant fogging machines, hand sanitizer dispensers, disposable face masks, and other items to help combat the virus.

“It’s all going toward helping employees and the public stay safe,” he said.

Dutcher moved to accept the grant and was seconded by Moehring, who thanked Klosowski for getting the grant funding fast tracked. The motion was unanimously approved.

“I would personally like to thank everyone who got this in motion and got this grant going because it’s going to be a benefit for the county,” he said.