OSCODA – The Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport’s (OWA) Joint Airport Zoning Board approved three permit applications at their Nov. 8 meeting.

The first dealt with an application submitted by Gary Oil Co. which, as reported, is looking to establish a training facility for individuals to secure and maintain Commercial Driver Licensing.

While OWA Manager Gary Kellan was unable to attend, he had prepared a report on the permit applications, prior to the meeting.

As for the Gary Oil request, Kellan explained that the primary focus includes classroom training, operating, licensing and continuing education for drivers of large commercial transport trucks.

He noted that the applicant is seeking to rent and utilize the 1,600-square-foot structure located at 3441 Ballor Dr., also known as Building No. 5096.

“In addition to classroom training, the instructors and students will operate large trucks on nearby paved surfaces. Said surfaces include deactivated airfield pavements and public roads,” Kellan stated. “The proposed driving areas are located outside of designated aircraft operating areas.”

The proposed training facilities are situated within the Industrial zoning district, he continued.

“Land uses to be permitted within the Industrial district include all land uses that are also authorized within the ‘Aviation Support’ (A-2) zoning district,” Kellan explained.

According to the zoning ordinance, approval of a training facility is subject to special land use permitting guidelines.

Therefore, Kellan advised that public notification requirements for considering issuance of a special land use permit have been satisfied for this case.

Meeting minutes prepared by OWA Administrative Assistant Brenda McNeill show that the zoning board approved issuing a special land use permit and site plan review for Gary Oil Co.’s training facility operations.

In separate action, board members approved two different requests from Phoenix Composite Solutions, the first of which deals with a building expansion.

According to Kellan, the company submitted an application to build a 1,680-square-foot addition onto the structure at 5911 Mission Dr., also known as Building No. 5008.

Located within the Industrial zoning district, Kellan noted that the spatial area of the existing building is approximately 95,000 square feet.

The board then approved an application from Phoenix Composite Solutions to build a 40’ by 64’ by 14’ pole barn style building at the same property, which will be utilized for the storage of company vehicles and equipment.