TAWAS CITY – Candidates for various township and county government offices have filed and will appear on the upcoming Aug. 4 primary. Here is an outline of those who have filed and the various races that will be in the county.

County government 

Incumbent Sheriff Allan MacGregor has chosen not to run for sheriff in the election. East Tawas resident Sgt. Scott Frank, the Iosco County Jail administrator, is on the Republican primary ticket for sheriff along with Republican Linda M Friedgen of Tawas City and Republican Daryl Lee Johnson of Hale. 

There are two contested races so far on the Iosco County Board of Commissioners in the race for the 1st District and the 2nd District Commissioner seat. All commissioner seats are for two year terms.

Commission Chairman Robert Huebel of Oscoda, a Republican, will be on the ticket with Republican challenger Jeffery Linderman, a Greenbush Republican. Commissioner Terry Dutcher, an Oscoda Republican and incumbent, will be on the primary ticket with Oscoda resident Mark Miller, a Republican, for the 2nd District Seat.

All other commissioners, including Commissioner Charles Finley, 3rd District, Hale; Commissioner John Moehrin, 4th District, East Tawas; Commissioner Donald Jay O’Farrell, 5th District, Whittemore and Commissioner, are so far uncontested.

There are other county seats where candidates are running uncontested. Those races include that of Republican County Clerk Nancy Huebel, Republican  Register of Deeds Ericka Earl and Democrat Fred Strauer. All the aforementioned candidates are from Tawas City.

Other county races include those for treasurer and prosecutor, where incumbents are not running. In the treasurer election Deputy Treasurer Cathy Anderson, a Tawas City Republican, is running for the seat, with incumbent Elite Shellenbarger not running for treasurer.

For the prosecutor’s position incumbent prosecutor Gary Rapp is not running, but his Assistant Prosecutor James Bacarella, a Republican from East Tawas, is running. 

Township supervisor 


There are 11 township supervisor races on the ballot, but only a handful have contested ballots or different individual on the ballot other than the incumbent. One of those races includes Baldwin Township, where incumbent James Svoboda is not on the August ballot. Three individuals are, however, including Republicans Mike Falle, Christopher J. Martin and James Miner, all of East Tawas and all Republicans.

In AuSable Township no one will be named on the August Ballot even though there is a race. This is because Kevin Beliveau, the incumbent supervisor, did not file on the ballot. Only write-in candidates can appear on that ballot.

In Oscoda Township incumbent Supervisor Aaron Weed will not appear in the race, instead Democrat Robert Taisor appears. Weed is running on the ballot for the township treasurer position against Jaimie McGuire.

Unopposed on the ballot for Alabaster Township is Stephanine Wentworth, a Republican; Burleigh Township, Todd Torrey, Republican; Plainfield Township, Fred Lewis, Republican; Reno Township, Jeffrey Jakubik, Republican; Sherman Township, Daniel Jordan, Democrat;  Tawas Township, Paul Westcott, Republican and Wilber Township, Mark Nunn, Republican.

Township clerk 


In the 11 races for township clerk in Iosco County, all but one is an incumbent who has filed to be on the primary ballot. That race is for Oscoda Township clerk. Republican and township resident Joshua Sutton filed for the position. Incumbent John Nordeen did not file, but could file at a later date as an independent.

Incumbents who have filed and will be on the ballot include Alabaster Township Clerk Jasmine Tubbs, a Democrat; AuSable Township, Kelly Graham, Republican; Baldwin Township, Cathy Pittsley, Republican; Burleigh Township, Stacy McClure, Democrat; Grant Township, Alysha Burgess, Democrat; Plainfield Township, Sue Reilly, Republican; Reno Township, Cheryl Hottois, Republican; Sherman Township, Angela Jordan, Republican; Tawas Township, Melissa Stewart, Republican and Wilber Township, Robert D. White, Democrat.

Township treasurer 


There is only one contested race on the Aug. 4 ballot for township treasurer. That is in Oscoda Township where Aaron Weed, who is the current township supervisor, is running against long-time Treasurer Jaimie McGuire, an incumbent. Both are running on the Republican ticket.

The reaming 10 election races for treasurer in the townships are incumbents running for their seats and include Alabaster Township Treasurer Lorriane S Paskiewicz, a Republican; AuSable Township, Mary Jo Samotis, Democrat; Baldwin Township, Patricia Spriggs, Republican; Burleigh Township, Sharren Engle, Democrat; Grant Township, Velda Jennett, Democrat; Plainfield Township, Roma Bassi, Republican; Reno Township, Michael Boensch, Republican; Samantha Strauer, Sherman Township, Democrat; Tawas Township, Sheri Williams, Republican and Wilber Township, Steve Ferguson, Democrat.

Township Trustee 


In Alabaster Township incumbent Trustee Joseph Czaika and a newcomer Janet Reitz, both of Tawas City, are running on the Republican ticket for two seats. Trustee Jeane Lutes has not filed and will not be running.

In AuSable Township incumbent Trustees Alanda Barnes, Ronald Janis and Yvette Ramsdell are all running on the Democratic ticket, vying for four seats.

In Baldwin Township Dave Hoin, a new Republican, is running for one of two seats. Not running this year is incumbent Trustee Mike Falle. Burleigh has two Republican incumbents on the ticket to fill two seats. They are Lynn Daniels and Matthew Jordan.

In Grant Township, vying for two seats, is incumbent Linda Hayes, a Democrat. Three are vying for the seat as well, including Democrats Michael Bruff, Jordan Emry and William McKenzie. Not running for one of the two seats is Democrat incumbent Trustee Angela Brink.

Vying for four seats in Oscoda Township are Republican incumbents Timothy Cummings and William Palmer. Newcomers on the ticket include Republicans Jeremy Spencer and Steven Wusterbarth. Democrat Rozanne Ursula Curley is on the ticket. Not running are Trustees James Baier and Martin Gayeske.

In Plainfield Township, vying for two seats, are Republican incumbents Dianne Allen and Roger Houthoofd. Reno Township has Republican incumbent George Coiner vying for one of two seats on the board. Newcomer Lawrence Everitt, a Democrat, is also on the ticket.

Sherman Township has two Democratic incumbents vying for two seats on the board. They include Trustees Brandon Lichota and Jeff Petri. Tawas Township also has two incumbents vying for two seats on the board, including Democrat Trustee Timothy Dean Haskin and Republican Trustee Colleen Sheffer.

Wilber Township has two vying for two seats on the board, including incumbent Republican Trustee Mary Ann Pingot. Newcomer Cheri Mioduch, a Republican, is vying for the seat and longtime Trustee Sally Krueger has decided not to run again