The Grant Township and Burleigh-Reno-Whittemore fire departments in Iosco County are among the 10 recipients of this year’s Traffic Safety Grants from AAA. The funds have provided an array of crash rescue equipment, as well as traffic incident management equipment – as seen in the photo above, which was taken at the Fife Lake Emergency Services Authority building.

DEARBORN – AAA has donated $74,000 in Traffic Safety Grants to Michigan first responders, with 10 fire departments in the state receiving the funds. This includes two located in Iosco County – the Grant Township and the Burleigh-Reno-Whittemore fire departments.

AAA-The Auto Club Group says that 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, and no one knows this more than the first responders.

Representatives add that they are proud to announce the 2020 Traffic Safety Grant award recipients, as the funds they were provided will go a long way to help improve traffic safety across Michigan during this trying time. 

After reviewing 185 applications, AAA awarded a total of $74,000 to 10 first responders across the state. The grants will fund an array of crash rescue equipment, including Jaws of Life cutting tools, and traffic incident management equipment to alert motorists of an emergency.

This year’s Traffic Safety Grant award recipients and programs are listed below.

• Ashley Fire Department: Traffic cones, NFPA-compliant vests, traffic control signage, emergency lighting for back of vehicles.

• Baroda Fire Department: Genesis Rescue Systems S44-SL Spreader E Force 2.0 Electric Hydraulic Spreader.

• Burleigh-Reno-Whittemore Department: Extrication stabilizer struts; used in conjunction with cribbing to stabilize overturned vehicles and unstable machinery.

• Fife Lake Emergency Services Authority: Road flares, traffic cones, Stop paddle signs.

• Garfield Township Fire Department: Stop/Slow traffic signs and reflective road safety vests.

• Grant Township Fire Department: Lift bags for extrication, ANSI-compliant  breakaway safety vests and Stop/Slow signs for traffic control.

• Hamburg Township Fire Department: Hurst eDRAULIC®  SC758E2 Electric Combination Extrication tool.

• Ludington Fire Department: Genesis EForce extrication cutting tools.

• Portage Township Fire Department: Hurst eDRAULIC®  extrication tool  package.

• Whitewater Township Fire Department: Hurst eDRAULIC® Combi-Tool for extrication.

“Improving traffic safety in our communities is part of our DNA and that starts with our roadside heroes,” said AAA-The Auto Club Group Spokesperson, Adrienne Woodland. “We are extremely honored to be able to help, even in a small way, so many great agencies across Michigan.”

AAA’s 2021 traffic safety grant program application period opens on Jan. 1. Applications will be considered from first responders in Michigan, and interested Organizations can apply at

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