– The Jr. Whittemore-Prescott Robocards team is comprised of, from left, 4-H volunteer Cyndi Cowles, Bransen Bellville, Dylan Donaghy and 4-H volunteer Matt Kaiser.

TAWAS CITY – The 4-H Jr. Robocards team members Bransen Bellville and Dylan Donaghy, from Whittemore traveled to Traverse City on Feb. 29 to compete in the VEX IQ State Championship.  

Bransen and Dylan competed in teamwork where they finished 24th out of 60 teams. They also competed in skills/autonomous and placed 11th out of 60, which put them 13th in the state and 324th in the United States and 446th  in the world.

On Feb. 15, 24 teams from Lincoln, Grayling, Alpena, Hale and Whittemore competed in the VEX IQ Competition in Hale, to determine eligibility for the state championship. 

VEX IQ Challenge Squared Away is played on a 4- by 8-foot rectangular area. Two robots compete in the teamwork challenge as an alliance in 60-second-long teamwork matches, working collaboratively to score points. Teams also compete in the robot skills challenge where one robot takes the field to score as many points as possible. These matches consist of driving skills matches, which are entirely driver controlled, and programming skills matches, which are autonomous with limited human interaction.

The Hale 4-H Robo Raptors team No. 39548 A-D, are led by 4-H volunteers Matt Kaiser and Nick Walton. The team members include Christian Barber, Ellery Coleman, Elizabeth Gibson, Payton Hendrickson, Tyler Hendrickson, Cordelia Streeter, Ryan Tinker and Lilly Vliet.

The Jr. Whittemore-Prescott Robocards team No. 36619 is led by 4-H volunteer Cyndi Cowles.  Bransen Bellville, and Dylan Donaghy won the teamwork programming skills autonomous divisions, qualifying for the state championships.