EAST TAWAS – East Tawas resident Scott Frank won the Aug. 4 primary election’s Republican ticket in the Iosco County Sheriff’s race, moving him to the Nov. 3 general election.

Also, Iosco County Board of Commissioners Terry Dutcher and Robert Huebel, kept their slots in the November election from Republican challengers.

Capt. Frank, who is the Iosco County Jail administrator, won the election with 2,791 votes, or 57.32 percent of the vote, against Republican challenger Daryl Lee Johnson of Hale. Johnson managed to gather 1,832 votes, or 37.63 of the votes cast. Frank decided to run and was endorsed by Iosco County Sheriff Allan McGregor, who decided not to run for sheriff again and is retiring at the end of the year.

A third candidate, Linda M Friedgen of Tawas City, got 232 votes, or 4.76 percent of the votes. This was despite the fact that she announced in an advertisement that she was dropping out of the race and urged voters to put their support behind Johnson.

Frank, a longtime employee of the Iosco County Sheriff Department, said he was very happy with the outcome of the election, and said he was confident he would win in November.

“I just want to get back to the grind of work and put the election behind me,” he said. “I am looking forward to taking over the new position and moving forward.  Thanks for ll my supporters and I look forward to working with them.”

Huebel, who is the county’s incumbent District No. 1 commissioner, beat out Republican challenger Jeffrey R Linderman with 689 votes or 68.22 percent of the vote. Linderman garnered 320 votes, or 31.68 percent of the vote. Huebel will now move on to the November election to face possible challengers who may have registered ad independent, though that list has not been released yet by the Iosco County Clerk.

In the District No. 2 primary race, Dutcher beat out challenger   with 359 votes, or 51.88 percent of the vote. Miller got 330 votes or 47.69 percent of the vote. Like Huebel, Dutcher will move on to the November ballot.

Three other board of commissioner seats, those of Commissioners Donald Jay O’Farrell, John Moehring and Charles Finley, were unopposed, and likewise those commissioners will move on to the November ballot. All are Republicans.

There were other uncontested races in Iosco County, with Republican winners Register of Deed Erika Earl, Treasurer Cathy Anderson, Clerk Nancy Huebel and Prosecutor James Bacarella

In the state race for Iosco County, 106th District Rep. Sue Allor of Wolverine won the Republican ticket unopposed with 4,213 votes. On the Democratic side of the ticket LeAnn Johnson of East Tawas won unopposed with 1 ,917 votes. Both Allow and Johnson will advance to the November election.

In Michigan’s race for a representative in congress for Michigan’s 5th district, there were three candidates, including incumbent Rep. Dan Killdee, a  Democrat, who ran unopposed and will advance to the November election

On the Republican side of the primary ticket, winning, were two republican challengers, Tim Kelly of Saginaw and Earl Lackie of Hale. Kelly won the Republican primary with 37,550 total votes in the district. He also won Iosco County with 2,677 votes.

Lackie received 9,818 votes in the district, of which 1,356 votes were from Iosco County.

There are three candidates on the local ballot for U.S. Senate, including incumbent Senator Gary Peters, a Democrat, from Bloomfield Township. Peters ran unopposed and will advance to the November election. He earned 2,028 votes in Iosco County and a total of 1,177,175 votes in the state.

There are also two Republican challengers seeking the Republican ticket to be on the November ballot. They included Bob Carr of Mackinac Island and John James of Farmington Hills. James won the state primary with 1,002,235. Bob Carr was disqualified from the election and was not on the ballot.

A full listing of votes, statistics and other information about the primary can be found by visiting www.iosco.net and following the links to the clerk’s office.

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