Austin Thomas Hulverson

TAWAS CITY – An Oscoda man was sentenced to a year in jail – to run consecutively to a current prison sentence – after fleeing parole officers in the Iosco County building in January.

Austin Thomas Hulverson, 23, Oscoda, was sentenced to a year in jail on a count of tampering with an electronic monitoring device and a charge of assaulting/obstructing a public officer. He was also given 93 days in jail after pleading guilty to the misdemeanor charge of 3rd-degree retail fraud.

Dismissed were charges of 2nd-degree retail fraud and resisting/obstructing/assaulting a police officer. Hulverson was also ordered to pay nearly $2,000 in assessments, and although the jail time on the charges in the case can be served consecutively, it must be served after time is fully served for Hulverson’s current prison sentence, according to court documents.

According to Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) records, Hulverson is currently a parolee on a case where he was sentenced to two to 15 years in prison on a 3rd-degree Criminal Sexual Conduct conviction.

Hulverson’s trouble with the MDOC began when Iosco County Sheriff deputies were informed that Hulverson had fled the MDOC parole office in the Iosco County Building at about at about 9 a.m. on Jan. 7.

Deputies said they located Hulverson running down Court Street, near Birch Street, approximately a quarter-mile from the MDOC Office. According to those from the sheriff’s office, Hulverson was apprehended after a brief foot chase. 

After he was in custody, employees of nearby Tawas Hardware advised that, just prior, Hulverson was in their store acting suspicious.

Authorities say it was later learned that, directly after Hulverson fled from the MDOC Parole Office, he went to Tawas Hardware and stole a pair of paring scissors, cut off his tether and threw it on a neighboring roof. Hulverson then noticed that officers had spotted him, and he took off running again before he was apprehended.

Hulverson was placed on a parole detainer and additionally charged with tampering with an electronic monitoring device, resisting a public officer (parole officer), resisting a police officer and 2nd-degree retail fraud.