OSCODA – Leonard Goodall, 89, Oscoda, was checked out by Iosco County EMS, and then released, for burns and possible breathing difficulty following an outside fire.

The Oscoda Township Fire Department (OTFD) was dispatched recently to Goodall’s home in the 5000 block of Alvin Road, for what was initially reported to be a structure fire.

Upon arrival, personnel determined the event to be an outside fire partially involving a shed used to house firewood, plus two small storage rooms.

According to the department, the U.S. Forest Service was in the local vicinity and arrived to assist with preventing any extension of the fire to nearby dwellings.

Approximately 2,000 gallons of water/foam were utilized to extinguish the flames on the ground, and inside the shed and wood stock.

Goodall was checked out on scene by medical personnel, and then released.

The OTFD determined that the cause of the fire resulted from delayed reaction of outside maintenance work the property owner was completing earlier in the day.

Firefighters left after about 45 minutes, once the scene was deemed safe.

An estimated $2,700 in property/contents damage was reported, with the cause of ignition noted as unintentional.