EAST TAWAS – The Tawas Police Authority (TPA) is seeking information about malicious destruction of property incidents which have occurred at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) boat launch on Rainbow Drive in East Tawas. The launch serves as a Tawas Lake access site.

According to the TPA, the most recent event took place on Friday afternoon, Oct. 13.

The subject stated that he had unloaded his boat at the DNR boat launch and his engine was running a little rough, so he was revving it up. He then started down the canal that opens up to the main water. 

The subject told police that the engine started running rough again, so he gave it more throttle and acknowledged that he was making wake.

According to authorities, the man said he got into the open water and realized he did not put the plug in his boat when his feet started getting wet, so he sped back to the boat launch.

When he returned to the launch, he discovered his front driver’s side tire had been deflated and someone wrote “no wake, [expletive]” on his driver’s side windows.

“This has occurred at least twice and as well as a third incident that is similar, maybe the same,” stated TPA Chief Mark Ferguson.

A similar event took place this summer, on Aug. 21.

In this case, the TPA advises that a subject had left the boat launch that day at about 11 a.m.

Upon his return that afternoon, the man found that someone had written “no wake, [expletive]” in soap on the back window of his truck. Also, the valve stems were removed from both rear tires, which were deflated.

Authorities spoke with a possible witness, who denied knowing or seeing anything.

Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to contact the TPA at 362-7718 or via e-mail at tawaspolice@tawaspd.us.

Anonymous tips can also be provided to Crime Stoppers by calling 800-422-JAIL (5245).