OSCODA –  A single-story residence in Oscoda Township was damaged by fire, just after noon on Jan. 15.

According to the Oscoda Township Fire Department (OTFD), the incident occurred at a dwelling in the 4000 block of Interlake Drive, and there were no injuries as a result.

The blaze caused an estimated $18,000 in property damage, with a contents loss of approximately $3,500.

The OTFD reports that the fire broke out in the attic of the structure, and that no human factors contributed to the ignition.

Upon the arrival of firefighters, they assured that all occupants had exited the home and were safe.

The OTFD extinguished the fire using about 800 gallons of water/foam, and were on scene for approximately an hour.

According to the OTFD, an investigation indicated that the fire was electrical/rodent related, with an unspecified short-circuit arc contributing to the ignition.

It is also noted that the structure had been vacant for an extended period of time, with electrical and water services having very recently been restored for occupancy.

Those who were in the home told the OTFD that they heard an odd noise in the wall and observed a dark spot on the ceiling/wall area, where the fire appears to have originated.

The structure was not insured at the time of the incident.