Local News Matters


Readers who may be keen observers of the Iosco County News-Herald and the Oscoda Press may have noticed a subtle change in the newspapers with our inclusion of a new slogan on the nameplate of the newspapers that says “Local News Matters.”

You might also notice that the slogan is peppered throughout the newspaper on different informational ads. And you’re probably wondering “What is up with the new slogan? What does it mean?’”

It’s not just a clever slogan to fill space in the newspaper; it’s something that we at this publication truly believe. We are not just another area business trying to make a dollar; local newspapers and the services they provide to the community are essential, and we want to be an essential part in your life. 

If you are reading this in the newspaper right now then you probably would agree that the newspaper, and the information that it provides to you, IS an essential part of your life. If that is so then we are doing our job right. 

You probably get this publication every week and it matters to you, whether you’re reading the newspaper for the many advertisements from area businesses highlighting their goods and services. You might be picking it up to read about your children or grandchildren and what they are doing with area high schools sports or want to see what their local school is doing for the children. 

You might be picking up the paper to check out what is on the entertainment pages, to see what is playing at the local movie house, get information on community theater productions or concerts, or just see what entertainment opportunities there are going on. Sometimes it is to check out the court news, or the obituary section to see whom we have lost in the community.

It could be that you that you want to get the latest information on what is going on with local government agencies, whether it is the dog catcher or the county. There might be a need to see what is going on with state government, and to see what is affecting you as a resident. 

The upshot is many people get the local newspaper because not only does it offer a plethora of information about the community – niche information that is only provided in that publication – but they rely on the newspaper for quality news reporting, accurate information about a wide variety of community events, that is published in timely fashion in both print and on our websites.

It’s also your source for local information. There are many different national publications or media outlets that report on a wide variety of topics, but largely, local news is the only publication that is going to record and report on the local happenings. And we’re going to do that unbiased and accurately for you. You may not read about many events that are taking place across the country in our newspapers, but you will read about the local events that will directly impact you, and your day-to-day life. 

One may say “I don’t need newspapers; I get my news from the Internet.” And sure, you can get your news from Internet locations like social media sites or other areas, but that’s also like saying “I don’t need farmers, because I get my food at the supermarket.”

There is an original source for news, which is the trained professional employed with your local newspapers; just as there is an original source for your food, which are farmers. Would you rather get your food from a trusted farmer who has more than a century of history and experience doing his or her job, or a random stranger you meet on the street? The same is with the newspaper. 

We have more than 100 years of newsgathering experience, with trained and educated professionals doing this job. You could go to professionals to seek your information, or get it from a random stranger on Facebook, a stranger who may not even be who they claim they are. Our information is not only accurate, but we put our name on it.

Readers should step back and take a look at the news they consume, and the value in local newspapers. It’s an accurate source of public information. It records the events in your community that matter and it’s done by people who live and work in your community who have vested interests and care about the product they are producing. And it’s also a cool keepsake. You can’t clip a story out of Facebook and put it on your refrigerator when your kid makes the honor roll or scores the winning points at the basketball game. 

If you’re still reading along know that these are just a few of the reasons that local news matters. So remember when you’re leafing through the newspaper, and see that slogan, “Local News Matters” is what it is all about for us.