Thankful for our contributors and 

readers on Thanksgiving


If you’ve not seen some of the special sections that we’ve had in the newspaper recently you are missing out. I know a lot of readers like to skip to the things they want to read first, whether it is their weekly horoscope, the court news, obituaries or the classified ads, but checking out the special sections that are in the paper will be worth your time.

Dig them out of your recycling pile or drop in and get an old edition, to see some of the sections. Two stand out as being really interesting and fun in the past month, including our special 16-page section on the 100th anniversary of the American Legion and our annual “How to Cook a Turkey” section written by area elementary students.

The American Legion section boasts an exhaustive history of the forming of the American Legion and is a good piece just to take out, store in a book for later reference or keep on the coffee table for a while. What impressed me most about the section, however, was not the history of the American Legion, but the submission of veterans photographs for the publication.

We asked our readers and members of the public to submit photos of veteran family members for publication in the section and the public response was pretty amazing. We were able to include the photographs and names of nearly 150 veterans for the section.

So not only is the section a wealth of knowledge about the American Legion, but it’s also become a history recording of sorts of the men and women who have been involved in the Armed Forces in our area. Thanks to the readers who took the time to drop or email the newspaper with that information, the section turned out great. Thanks to those individuals who took the time to turn in their photographs, for members of the American Legion for keeping this worthwhile organization going for a century, and to our advertisers for making the section possible.

Another great section, that was complied with the help of local readers (well hopefully they are future readers) are students from Oscoda Area Schools, Tawas Area Schools and Holy Family School that contributed to our annual – and very popular – “How to Cook a Turkey” section.

A warming however: this section should be taken with a grain of salt and read just for fun, because if you try to cook one of these recipes by our young writers you may end up with food poisoning and it will ruin your holiday. 

Nonetheless, the section is not a recipe guide, it’s a fun thing to read and it shows just how young children are creative and interpret how Thanksgiving dinner is prepared. It seems a lot of them think that you can cook a turkey at 150 degrees in the oven for just 60 minutes and have a cooked, and safe to eat bird. Sometimes, however, reading in the section you will see the students that took part surprisingly know a lot about cooking a Thanksgiving dinner.

The point of the section is not to make fun of the young writers, however, it’s something that is cute for our readers to read during the Thanksgiving season and a stress relief in a lot of ways. Reading a few of the entries gives you a laugh and a chuckle and helps get rid of some of the holiday stress.

Another important thing, I also feel, is it gives the young students a shot at doing a little bit of creative writing and learning how to expand their minds in just a little way and get their thoughts about how to do something on paper. I thank them for doing it, because not only does it provide some entertainment, but it also helps provide some great yearly content for the newspaper that can be enjoyed by all. Additionally, I thank the schools, the teachers and the advertisers that make the section possible every year so we can make it available to our readers.

And during this Thanksgiving holiday I want to thank our readers and say that I am thankful that they are there reading our newspapers and buying or subscribing each week to keep this local newspaper going. It is our pleasure to serve the public, record the news, and get a good product out to you each week. So, once again, thank you and from the entire staffs of the Oscoda Press and Iosco County News-Herald, have a happy Thanksgiving!