Election coverage begins with 

candidate question project


More than a month ago the Iosco County News-Herald and Oscoda Press staff worked to send out questionnaires to candidates in the upcoming Aug. 4 Primary Election in an effort to better inform voters about the candidates ahead of the election.

We asked a variety of questions to the candidates, including their views on taxation, how they could better serve their community they were seeking election in, and whether the candidate would have any issues with conflict of interest in their elected positions. There are many more questions included in the project.

All the candidates were asked to answer the same questions that were listed so that the reader can compare views and answers “apples to apples” on the candidates.

We also asked the candidates for information on their personal and family life, what civic organizations they may belong to, or other local organizations or volunteer work they may have done. This is all in an effort to give you, the reader, informed choices before you head to the polls, or mail in your ballot, for the primary.

Not every candidate was sent a questionnaire; only candidates that were in contested races, or brand new candidates, were sent a questionnaire.

The candidates, if they wanted to be included in the stories concerning the races, had until July 17 to email their form back to the newspaper, or drop it into the mail. Many did not return the questionnaires, but a lot of the candidates did return them and that will be noted in the stories, which will appear in this edition of the newspaper, as well as the July 29 edition of the newspaper.

After the primary, and ahead of the Nov. 3 election, the project will continue and we will again survey those who made it to the general election, and those who many have filed as independent to be on that ticket. We appreciate your readership and we hope that you find this reporting valuable in the upcoming election. Thank you.