OSCODA – Oscoda Township and the U.S. Air Force (USAF) may have finally reached a compromise regarding the site of the granular activated carbon (GAC) treatment plant to be constructed on the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base (WAFB).

TAWAS CITY – The Michigan State Police (MSP) responded to an incident recently in Tawas City, where it was reported that forced entry was made into two Schwan’s food trucks.

BURLEIGH Twp. – Marianne Virginia Mazur, 32, of Bay City, faces felony and misdemeanor charges as a result of allegedly operating while intoxicated (OWI) on Nov. 16.

IHAP®’s goal is to assess the progress of the whole person health journey for each participant. The program accomplishes this by establishing realistic goals and looking at the impact on and improvements to the participant. IHAP also seeks to measure and quantify these improvements, and continually look at the sustainability the changes the participant is making. This process documents the in-depth communication among the IHAP® team, the participants and their health care providers ... this testimonial was provided by a current IHAP participant.

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Rep. Kevin Brady spoke Friday about the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The legislation would slash tax rates for big business and lower levies in each tax bracket. The GOP plans to muscle the $1.5 trillion through Congress next week. (Dec. 15)

One of our greatest treasures here in Michigan is our water – the Great Lakes, fresh water inland lakes, rivers and streams. It is my constitutional responsibility as a state representative, and my duty as a northern Michigander to ensure that we protect this incredible natural resource.