OSCODA – Next up to the Oscoda Beach Bandshell for the summer concert series is Boogie 2 Shooz featuring pair Pamela Jenkins and Patti-Jean Cousens performing at 7 p.m. tomorrow.

The pair began working together in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. in 1987 where they put together a benefit concert for the AIDS fund in the area. They had such an enjoyable time performing together that they decided to continue performing in a quartet. The pair said that a year later they became a trio and in 1991 began performing as a duo.

The duo said they don’t play a specific genre, but they enjoy jazz, Latin and music from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

“We try to include music that will appeal to a wide musical palette,” said Cousens.

Jenkins is a native of East Tawas, so that keeps Cousens coming back to her home every summer. In 1997 was when they first began performing in outdoor concerts, but it was only about seven to 10 years ago when they began performing in Oscoda, according to Cousens and Jenkins.

Aside from Jenkins’s residency, the duo said they love coming back to see all the different people.

“We always enjoy the crowd and the great people that present the concerts. The venue is beautiful and it’s so close to home. We see so many familiar faces,” said Cousens. “We love the casual atmosphere of performing outside with the lake as a backdrop. We enjoy looking out into the audience and seeing young and old together,” they said.

To continue the summer concert series, next Thursday Flipside will fill the Oscoda Beach Park with current pop tunes and songs from the 1970s. Nine years ago, Flipside was inspired to bring the music to a more diverse audience that also expanded their music venues.

“From Billy Joel to Bruno Mars to Maroon 5 to Country. Toto to Lady Gaga,” said Rick Meshew. “Typically, something for everyone.” 

The band consists of six members including lead guitarist and vocalist Bryan Zabel, keyboard player and vocalist Meshew, rhythm guitarist and vocalist Lori Keisler, bass guitarist and vocalist Paul Cosek, drummer and vocalist Mark Eggart and sound engineer Kat McArdle.

According to Meshew, the band was established in 2010 and was created by its founding members who have made music together on other projects for over 20 years. They perform at clubs, weddings, corporate and private events, festivals, county fairs and summer concerts. They continue to come back year after year for the summer concert series for a number of reasons.

“The terrific setting, crowd participation, and the very welcoming response we always receive from the Oscoda Community,” said Meshew.

Jerry Schmidt & Tipsico Road will end the summer concert series on Thursday, Aug. 22 with a benefit concert to support Special Olympics.