TAWAS CITY – After a successful scare season last fall, the Tawas Bay Ice Arena is back at it again, as it presents Frozen Fear. The haunted house style event began this past weekend and will run through the next three weekends.

“For the first weekend the turnout was pretty good,” event organizer Mel Rettell said of the first two nights. “I heard nothing but positives from anybody that went through, so we are pretty excited about it. Everyone had a lot of fun.” 

The event will run Fridays and Saturdays through Oct. 16 and 17, from 7 to 11 p.m. Tickets for children 12 and under will be $5 while those 13 and over will be $10. Funds go towards programs at the Tawas Bay Ice Arena. 

While this is the second year of the event at the Tawas arena, Rettell has several years of experience with these types of events and assures that this year’s version is vastly different.

“That’s what we do, every year we change it completely, it is never the same,” he said. “It is a new experience every time you come in. We even had people that went through four times in a night and when that happens we will change a few things so you may expect something to happen but something else happens. It makes it fun for the people that are working, they enjoy changing it up and keeping it fresh.” 

The scares can be turned down or cranked up, depending on each group’s wishes as well, making it friendly for all ages.

“We tailor it to anybody’s needs, if they want to go through and just walk through it we will do that but if you really want to get scared, we will do that,” Rettell said. “We just want to make it enjoyable for anyone that goes through.” 

To follow COVID-19 protocols, masks are required for entry. 

“There were a few more hoops to jump through (because of COVID), we are just trying to keep it safe,” Rettell said. “You’re required to wear a mask when you come in and our actors are wearing masks too.” 

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