Lary Holland of TIER4 Technical Support, who shared this photo, attended the latest ACC Talk at the Alpena Community College Oscoda Campus. The school partnered with Central Michigan University (CMU) for the program, which was titled “Entrepreneurship: New Venture Style.” Pictured here, from left, are: front row: Dr. Marvin Pichla, ACC Oscoda Campus Director; Bruce Marble, CMU’s Executive Director of the Isabella Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship; and Josh Wright and Jonathon Cole, student entrepreneurs; middle row: Caden Skinner and Matt Meyering, student entrepreneurs; and Sarah Trine, public relations intern, New Venture Competition; and back row: Ross Noel, mentor-in-residence, Isabella Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship. Holland notes that the plaque held by Pichla and Marble is in recognition of the ACC Talk event.

OSCODA – Representatives of Alpena Community College (ACC) Oscoda Campus report that the latest ACC Talk was a rewarding and worthwhile event.

Held earlier this month, the session was free and open to the public, and was the second installment in the quarterly series.

“We had 35 people from all sectors and we feel it was a tremendous event,” stated Christine Young, assistant to the director of the Oscoda Campus.

As noted in a press release from the school, the topic was “Entrepreneurship: New Venture Style.” Three teams from Central Michigan University (CMU) came to pitch their own innovative product ideas in preparation for the upcoming New Venture Competition, which will be held at CMU on April 17. The competition will feature more than 35 teams that will be presenting their concepts and competing for nearly $100,000 in award money.

Much like the television show, “Shark Tank,” each team gave their two-minute pitch at ACC, then fielded questions from attendees about their products and their experience in the entrepreneurship program – which is part of the CMU Business Department.   

According to those from ACC, the discussion touched on a wide range of topics, such as innovation, customer discovery, the patent process, trademarks, prototypes, manufacturing options, outsourcing, product support and more.  

Each team had essentially identified a problem which, in turn, created an opportunity for a new product.

Bruce Marble, CMU’s Executive Director of the Isabella Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship, mentioned that an initial idea needs to address the following questions: Who’s the competition? Who’s the customer? What’s the value?

The presentation can be viewed in its entirety on the TIER4 Technical Support Facebook page, which can be accessed at https://www.facebook.com/tier4ts.

Guests were also able to take part in five- to 10-minute speed tours of the campus, both before and after the ACC Talk.

As previously reported, those from the college have described the ACC Talks as the school’s version of TED Talks for Northern Michigan. The quarterly series was launched at the ACC Oscoda Campus this past December, with a “Rural Education Deserts” presentation by David Jesse of the Detroit Free Press.

The next event has been set for Wednesday, June 3, with the topic being “Human Resources (HR) Challenges for all Sectors.” 

ACC representatives note that the guest speaker will be Roger Wood, a high-level corporate leader with more than three decades of business experience both in the U.S. and internationally.

There is no fee to attend; however, this Talk is limited to 20 people and is geared toward HR professionals or business owners who want to sharpen their personnel management skills.

Additional details will be shared in a future edition of this publication, as the date draws closer.

To view upcoming ACC events, or for more information, visit https://discover.alpenacc.edu and click on the “Oscoda Campus” link.