106th District Rep. Sue Allor

106th District Rep. Sue Allor

OSCODA – Voters will be asked to select representation on the state level in the upcoming general election to be held on Nov. 3. 

These are election questions for the Michigan’s 106th District House of Representatives. In an effort to give equal coverage to all the registered candidates in the aforementioned races, we sent questionnaires to the incumbents and those running against them. Not all candidates submitted answers to the questions. 

Incumbent representative 106th District Rep. Sue Allor, a Republican, was sent a questionnaire. Her Democratic challenger, LeAnn Johnson of East Tawas was also sent a questionnaire, but did not reply to the questions. 

Both will appear on the Nov. 3 general election ballot. 


Candidate Profile


Sue Allor, 106th District Michigan House of 



Sue Allor, 65, is a 22-year resident of Wolverine and the incumbent representative for Michigan’s 106th District and a Republican. She has represented her district since 2017.

She is married to Pat Allor, has three children and four grandchildren

She holds a masters of business administration from Lawrence Technological University, 2005, and a bachelor of science in nursing from the University of Detroit-Mercy, earned in 1977.

“I was first elected in 2016, began serving in January 2017, and am currently in my second term. During my time as State Representative I have served on the House Appropriations Committee and on (many subcommittees).”

She also served  on the Michigan Center for Rural Health, Cheboygan County Board of Commissioners and the Wilmot Township Board of Review.

She has a variety of volunteer service postings, including as a coach and mentor for students. She volunteered in the PTA, Booster Groups and steering committees and served as a past member of the Indian River Chamber of Commerce and Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce.

She is also endorsed by various political action groups, including: ABC of Michigan, AgriPAC, Citizens for Traditional Values, Friends of Corn, Great Lakes Education Project, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Fire Fighters, Michigan Fraternal Order of Police, Michigan Freedom Fund, Michigan Health Choice Alliance, Michigan League of Conservation Voters, Michigan Realtors, NFIB Michigan, Police Officers Association of Michigan, Property Management Association of Michigan, Right to Life, Roads+ (advocacy arm of County Road Association), Sierra Club and the Small Business Association of Michigan.


What prompts you to seek election at this time?


Allor:  “I believe representing the people within the 106th District is an honor and a humbling experience that must be taken seriously. During my time in office, I have held regular “Office Hours” within the district, visiting all counties on a monthly basis (pre-COVID), to provide me the opportunity to listen to constituent concerns and discuss various topics. Additionally, constituents call frequently and reach out via email, text messages, etc. It is these contacts with people that provide insight as to the needs, desires, issues, and concerns they have that allows me to truly be a representative voice for those within the district. My intent is to continue to be a voice for the residents in the district in a role that I am honored to have entrusted to me.”


What do you hope to accomplish, if elected?


Allor: “COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the state. Not only have adults, children, schools, and businesses been impacted, but also the state budget due to reduced revenues and increased expenses. The loss of revenue will challenge many departments and programs that ultimately will have an impact on Michigan residents. My intent is to be thoughtful, realistic, fiscally responsible, and take into consideration the people within the district and the state when making what will be extremely difficult budgetary decisions. Additionally, I would like to see the reduction of the extreme partisan division that is permeating not only our state, but our country. There must be a focus on conversations, discussions, and the realization that all individuals typically are in support of the same basic needs – jobs, education, good health, and a safe environment in which to live. At times, the perceived paths to obtaining these needs varies and can be controversial, however, the controversies should not result in anger, threats, and/or violence. There is a need for civil discourse among family, friends, and government officials if we are to be successful at accomplishing goals that will be beneficial to all.”


What is your top priority, if elected?


Allor: My top priority is to focus on the impact COVID-19 is having on the citizens, businesses, state revenues, and the long-term economic repercussions.”


Would you support increased taxation and mandatory fee? If so, under what circumstances?


Allor: “I would not support increased taxation or mandatory fees.”


If elected, would you face conflicts of interest, which might preclude you from participating in all functions of the elected office due to personal relationships, contracts, employment, et cetera? If so, please describe the conflict and how you would address it.


Allor: “I am not aware of any conflicts of interest that would preclude me from participating in all functions of the elected office.”


What would you do to make your community a better place for its residents?


Allor: “The lack of internet connectivity in the community has long been an issue, but in recent months has become very apparent. It is essential that internet access and cell phone service areas are expanded to meet the needs of members of the community. There must also be continued focus on PFAS contamination, Line 5, high water levels, education, business growth, and housing.”


How would you address the perception by many residents that their voices are not being heard by county, state and federal officials?


Allor: “When an individual has the perception that his/her voice is not being heard it’s good to reflect on our first line of communication with officials – the voting booth. People should also be encouraged to get involved in local government by attending meetings and learning about what’s happening in their community. Reading news sources to stay in tune with politics, whether it’s local, state, or federal will provide insight as to governmental activities. Consider letter writing to elected officials, letters to the editor of local newspapers, and sharing thoughts with others. Getting involved is one way to make your voice heard. Many people send me letters, reach out to my office, or call me directly (Mobile: 231.833.0700) and I am always eager to hear what they have to say. I have found that holding monthly “Office Hours” throughout the district is a great way for people to reach out as it provides an opportunity for individuals to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns and for me to learn.”


What do you see as the most pressing issue facing your community/election district?


Allor: “Specific to the five counties in the district I believe several of the pressing issues facing the district are: 1) the need for improved connectivity and cell phone coverage; 2) PFAS contamination; 3) high water levels; 4) business development; 5) economic growth; and, 6) access to mental health care.”


What plans do you have, if elected, to add and/or expand upon the services provided by your election district?


Allor: “Business growth and economic development are primary concerns, as is the infrastructure needed to encourage that growth and development. To accomplish growth and development, focus must be on reducing the bureaucracy and the “red-tape” that exists in government, encouraging the development and support of career tech programs, and improving our roads and technology infrastructure.”


What would you do, if elected, to help attract and retain business and industry?


Allor: “To attract and retain businesses it’s important to meet with businesses to identify the various needs and/or issues they are experiencing. With that information, discuss those topics with others such as local Chambers of Commerce, educational systems, the Small Business Association, state departments, etc. to focus on solving the issues and meeting the needs of the business community. The underlying “drivers” must be to create a business friendly climate by reducing government bureaucracy, identify opportunities for business growth, and create opportunities for students to learn skills, through CTE programs or on-the-job training that will fulfill job openings.”


Is there additional information you wish to share with voters?


Allor: “As a Republican my beliefs are grounded in fiscal and social conservatism. I am Pro-Life, a supporter of the Second Amendment, and strongly believe in individual freedoms. The protection of our Great Lakes and environment are also extremely important to me and will continue to be areas that I focus on.”

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