OSCODA – The Oscoda Township Board of Trustees on Monday approved requests to purchase new security cameras for the township hall as well as maintenance to the Robert J. Parks library parking lot.

Librarian Diana London received two types of bids from only one company, A&A Asphalt Services of West Branch. The first bid included cleaning the parking lot, filling cracks, sealing with two coats of sealant and restriping the parking lot for $7,200. The second bid from the same company for $2,250 would not include the sealant. London recommended the more expensive project to “prolong the life of the parking lot,” she wrote to Schaeffer. 

Superintendent Dave Schaeffer said London has also secured commitments from both the Iosco Arenac District Library and the Friends of the Robert J. Parks Library to each contribute $1,800 towards the parking lot improvements. That brought the net cost to the Township down to $3,600 to perform this parking lot maintenance project, which would be completed before the end of the year.

Still, Trustee Martin Gayeski questioned why the other three properties adjacent to the library were not contributing to the maintenance of the parking lot. The library is located next to Grace Community Church, Fresh Start Fellowship and the Shoreline Players Theater.

“One of those properties has its own parking lot but they use the library’s, and another one, I understand, was supposed to build a parking lot on the west side of their building, which they never did, and are using the library’s parking lot,” Gayeski said. “I would say let’s get this done but send those three property owners a letter requesting a donation back to the library for maintenance of this parking lot.”

Schaeffer said he could draft a letter to send to the adjacent property owners. The board approved the cost of the project, with Trustee William Palmer making the motion and Trustee Jim Baier supporting it. The motion passed unanimously, with Treasurer Jaimie McGuire absent.

The board also approved the purchase of new security cameras for the township hall at the cost of $13,964.52.

According to Police Chief Mark David, the current cameras were purchased several years ago and need to be replaced.

“The system utilizes 720p cameras which are now at the bottom end of the spectrum for picture quality,” David wrote in a memo to the board. “The DVR on this system has been replaced and in doing so, made the Pan Tilt Zoom camera non-compliant with the newer DVR. Also, this newer DVR was compromised by hackers earlier this year and had to be removed from the township network to prevent further issues.”

David also wrote that the township had installed a security camera to monitor the parking lot for social media transactions, but that the camera has poor quality and would not help in identifying a suspect. He wrote that the new system would add more cameras in and around the township building and would include audio in the police department lobby. 

The board was asked to approve a quote from Catch-M-Cams Surveillance Technicians of Glennie with an amount not to exceed $13,964.52 to be paid out of the General Fund for Building Improvements. Schaeffer said the township had received two similar quotes and recommended this one.

Gayeski asked if the new camera system would include cameras down at the Oscoda Beach Park, but Schaeffer said they did not. 

“That was a concern of mine, I was wondering if you might consider updating at the same time the cameras at the beach park because we have an awful lot of vandalism down there,” Palmer agreed.

Schaeffer said he would try to get a quote for a future proposal to replace those cameras, but this proposal only covered the township hall. 

Palmer made the motion to approve the purchase, with support from Trustee Timothy Cummings. The motion passed unanimously with McGuire absent.