Adults and children attend the second program in ‘A Universe of Stories’ series at Robert J. Parks library for the summer season. According to Children and Teens Coordinator Lynne Bigelow, there were 140 kids and 40 adults in attendance for the Tuesday, June 25, magic show. 

OSCODA – Robert J. Parks library was filled to the brim with children of all ages eager to see Magician Cameron Zvara.

Zvara kicked off the show with some music and asked the kids to clap along. He said he needed to warm up so he asked the audience for some encouragement. He juggled three colorful balls in a variety of ways including waterfall and elevator, as well as four at a time. He also picked up a set of three clubs and showed the audience his special karate trick.

He performed a variety of tricks using props such as a deck of cards, balloon animals, a red ball, a piece of rope, a stuffed raccoon, a toilet plunger and a set of colorful boxes tucked inside one another. For many of the tricks, Zvara made things appear and disappear. He turned a deflated balloon into a balloon dog, cut a piece of rope using only his fingers and made coins appear out of thin air.

However, the grand finale is what took the audience by storm. At the start of the show, Zvara showed his audience the box of mystery. Midway through the show he asked if anyone in the audience had a $20 bill. An audience member raised her hand and walked onto the stage. Zvara asked her to write her first name on the bill and give it to him.

He set it aside and continued with the show. During one segment where two audience members played the red ball game, the $20 bill was used to raise the stakes. In the game, participants were told to figure out which hand Zvara had the ball in. After a few failed attempts, Zvara raised the stakes.

The $20 bill was placed in an envelope. Participants were told if they couldn’t figure out where the ball was, they would have to shred an envelope. Two envelopes were shredded leaving audience members in distress. At the end of the show Zvara returned to the box of mystery which contained another box and that box contained another box until she opened the last box which contained her $20 bill with her name written across the front. Mouths dropped open and audience members cheered with raucous applause.

Zvara is the second program in the Iosco-Arenac District Library summer series titled “A Universe of Stories”. On Tuesday, Paleojoe paid a visit to Parks library exposing children to fossils from dinosaurs. Next week’s program is set to include a visit from the Howell Nature Center with their program titled Wildlife Rehab featuring live animals. The group will be at Parks library on Tuesday, July 9, at 10:30 p.m. and the East Tawas Community Center at 2 p.m.

For more information about the summer reading program events visit https://www.ioscoarenaclibrary.org/index.htm or call 739-9581.