With the AuSable River nearby, fishing became a large industry for AuSable and Oscoda. There have been over 36 shipwrecks from AuSable point to Greenbush.

OSCODA – AuSable-Oscoda residents have the opportunity to see artifacts from the town’s history up close and personal. The AuSable-Oscoda Historical Society has opened its doors for the summer and they have a variety of exhibits available for curious residents. 

Summer hours are Thursday-Saturday at 11 p.m. till 4 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. till 4 p.m.

“There’s all kinds of history. Every different kind of subject, if you’re interested in something we probably got it here,” said Historical Society president Fred Glass.

According to Glass, the AuSable-Oscoda Historical Society began in 1976. Before the museum was in existence, members collected items and items were donated to them. Glass mentioned that members would tuck them in their closets and then pulled everything together when the museum came into existence. 

“Every year stuff comes in the door. Just last weekend, a metal detector guy came in and gave us some donations that he’s found,” said Glass. “There always coming in the door and that’s what we like. We like to get those donations so we can show the public.”

A visit to the museum will give residents history as early as the Native American’s red ochre burials that date back 8,000 years and their stone tools that are over 4,000 years old.

The museum is set-up like a timeline which begins with the Native Americans. A fur trapping trade exhibit is also in the works Glass mentioned. Residents will also find exhibits on fishing beginning in the late 1840s and shipwrecks. There are over 36 shipwrecks from AuSable point to Greenbush and the museum tries to cover them all.

 Exhibits that can also be found include: the lumbering industry and how the towns grew in size, the 1911 fire, the completion of the first dam called Cooke Dam in 1911 and the growth of dams until 1924. As well as experimental farming that came after and more.

“There’s always been something keeping our little towns going,” said Glass.

The museum is located at 114 E. River Rd. Oscoda, MI. 

For more information on the AuSable-Oscoda Historical Society or volunteering contact Fred Glass at 989-739-2782.