OSCODA – Oscoda Area Schools (OAS) Community Education is set to provide English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to adults starting Jan. 6, 2020.

Community Education Director Tina Ruedisueli notified the OAS Board of Education of the announcement at their Monday meeting and said the class would be taught by Etna Romo.

Romo is from Mexico and while in Mexico she was an ESL teacher and has been teaching ESL for the last 20 years.

According to Ruedisueli, Romo approached her with a desire to teach an ESL class for adults in the community.

“There is a huge need for that,” said Ruedisueli.

Currently, Romo works with young students who don’t speak English through an English language learner program workshop. Through the program, Romo discovered from a parent that there are locals who would like to learn English as a second language.

“We have those students whose parents don’t speak English either, so we have this necessity and I think we can help them by giving them this service,” said Romo.

The classes are expected to be held on Monday, Tuesday and Friday in January from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in room 202 at Oscoda High School. According to Ruedisueli, space is limited. Cost is set to be $5 per class, but cost is subject to change based on total course enrollment. 

Those interested in signing up are asked to contact Ruedisueli at ruedisuelit@oscodaschools.org.

“I think it’s fantastic, absolutely wonderful. Just for the students, for the parents, thank you so much,” said Secretary Mary Reitler.


Other business included

• Approval of 12 board policies. A detailed explanation of the changes to each policy can be found in a future edition of the Oscoda Press. A motion to approve the policies was made by Vice President Don Ellis and was seconded by Reitler receiving a 6-0 vote of approval. Trustee Rose Fulton was absent from the Monday meeting.

• Presentation of OAS Superintendent Scott Moore’s Evaluation. A detailed breakdown of the evaluation, which was favorable,  can be found in a future edition of the Oscoda Press. A motion to approve the evaluation was made by Treasurer Tim Kellstrom and was seconded by Trustee Dan Schlink receiving a 6-0 vote of approval.

• Approval of Moore’s contract. A motion to approve the contract which locks Moore in for five years and includes no pay increase by request was made by Trustee Bill Gaines and seconded by Kellstrom receiving a 6-0 vote of approval.

• Approval of updated Emergency Operations Plan. A motion was made by Reitler and was seconded by Gaines receiving a unanimous vote of approval.

• Resignation of paraprofessional Susan Vanzwoll to be effective in January. “She’s going to be missed very much,” said Moore.

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