Jaimie McGuire

Jaimie McGuire

OSCODA – Current Oscoda Township Treasurer Jaimie McGuire will once again face off for her position. McGuire beat out fellow board member Aaron Weed for her spot as the Republican nominee in the August primaries, and will now go head-to-head against Mimi McDonald, running under no party affiliation.

The Oscoda Press provided a questionnaire to each candidate by mail in order to help voters make an educated decision based on issues, opinions and qualifications ahead of the Nov. 3 election. McDonald did not return a questionnaire for publication.


Candidate Profile


Jaimie McGuire, 56, 



Jaimie McGuire, 56, of Oscoda is running as the incumbent Republican candidate for Oscoda Township treasurer. 

McGuire has lived in Oscoda for a total of 51 years, including the last 31 years continuously. She graduated from Oscoda High School in 1982 and her father retired from Wurtsmith Air Force Base. She has two adult children, Josh and Casey, as well as three young grandchildren. 

McGuire has served as the Oscoda Township treasurer for the last 18 years. She also served as the part time deputy clerk for two years and worked part time in the treasurer’s office for three years. She also served as a STING board member, the Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA) board chairman, and on the policy committee.

During her time as treasurer she completed a three-year program at Central Michigan University through the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Institute in 2005, became a MiCPT Michigan Certified Public Treasurer, a CPFA Certified Public Finance Administrator, and received certificates in cash handling and disaster preparedness from the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association (MMTA).

Outside of public office, her community involvement includes serving as fundraising chair and board liaison for the Oscoda Skate Park during its conception, treasurer and member of the Oscoda Yacht club Ladies Auxiliary when it was active, and was a former coach of a minor league girls softball team.

Over the years McGuire has volunteered with many organizations and events including the Oscoda Community Center, the Old Orchard Park Hayride, the Republican Women’s group, the Paul Bunyan Festival, the Masters Walleye Tournament, the Humane Society and the AuSable River Clean Up.

She has helped Oscoda Area Schools at many events and during its backpack program, and participated on committees to finance crucial structure improvements. That included organizing and executing the “Save the Pool” effort.

McGuire is endorsed by the Iosco County Republicans club. 


Questions and



What prompts you to seek election at this time?


McGuire: “Being undermined by Supervisor Weed, lack of leadership, and the inability to work together as a board without prejudice prompted me to seek reelection.”


What do you hope to accomplish, if elected?


McGuire: “I will work diligently to restore professionalism to our public meetings and to the dealings we, elected officials, have with each other on a daily and routine basis.”


What is your top priority, if elected?


McGuire: “My hope is to have a return to mutual respect and trust among my colleagues.”


Would you support increased taxation and mandatory fees? If so, under what circumstances?


McGuire: “[I] would not support any tax increases unless they are voted on by the people.”


If elected, would you face conflicts of interest which might preclude you from participating in all functions of the elected office due to personal relationships, contracts, employment, et cetera? If so, please describe the conflict and how you would address it.


McGuire: “In 18 years I have not had a conflict of interest. If faced with the possibility of one I would consult the attorney or Superintendent to be sure I was following the law.”


What would you do to make your community a better place for its residents?


McGuire: “With all the natural resources we have in our community I would like to see us go back to the plans we started to enhance our parks and green spaces including Furtaw Field. I recognize the spatial needs of the fire/police department and can say I would support some consolidation. However, I will never vote for it to be on Furtaw Field. Our residents have clearly voiced their concerns over this location.”


How would you address the perception by many residents that their voices are not being heard by county, state and federal officials?


McGuire: “Your question should include the local level as well. In the past 2 years this has been an escalating problem for Oscoda Township and it is shameful. Elected, appointed and hired we are here to serve the constituents. I would suggest the public comment time at meetings.”


What do you see as the most pressing issue facing your community/election district?


McGuire: “Housing and clean water have been ongoing goals of this board of trustees. I feel this board and future boards need to collectively support any person, business or groups in any lawful way possible to reach these goals. It could be as simple as a resolution of support for a business applying for grant money.”


What plans do you have, if elected, to add and/or expand upon the services provided by your election district?


McGuire: “[It is my] priority to work in a collaborative effort with experienced and accountable board members without personal agendas to create a sustainable, fiscally responsible and effective team to help Oscoda take Flight.”


What would you do, if elected, to help attract and retain business and industry?


McGuire: “Over [my] tenure previous boards have endured many struggles including base reuse, job creation, floundering economy in 2008, empty storefronts, PFAS issues, housing issues and most recently the COVID pandemic. Although we have made tremendous strides including paying off a 1973 sewer bond debt ultimately lowering tax bills, securing grant money to tear down the 8000-area housing, creating a park now owned by the Villages of Oscoda. We have utilized Community block grants to bring many private business owners to the former air force base where they have planted roots in our community and continue to flourish. Our latest efforts in job creation to benefit our schools, businesses and community over all lie with the spaceport initiative and I am excited to be a part of it. We as a board need to create a welcoming atmosphere within all aspects of township government by being responsive and supportive in order to attract or retain businesses.”


Is there additional information you wish to share with voters?


McGuire: “VFW Post 3735 auxiliary member. American Legion Post 274 member. 4 generations of my family live, work and play here. Oscoda is our home.”

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