Patricia Alvord, a 2018 Central Michigan University journalism graduate, is starting her career at the Oscoda Press and Iosco County News-Herald.

OSCODA – The Oscoda Press and Iosco County News-Herald are excited to welcome Patricia Alvord as a new reporter and photographer to the company’s editorial staff.

Alvord is a 2018 graduate of Central Michigan University who comes to the staff with a Bachelor of Science Degree in journalism and started her new career as a reporter on Monday.

She is a graduate of South Lyon High School in 2014 and attended Central Michigan from 2014 to her graduation in May.

According to Alvord, it was actually the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013 that piqued her interest in writing and news.

“Watching the coverage on the Boston Marathon bombing was what made me want to pursue journalism,” she said. “I was getting so frustrated with all the broadcasts misreporting the suspects and the newspapers trying to be the first ones to get the story out. It appalled me that people would report before checking the facts and that day I made a promise to myself that I would never try to be the first to report without all the facts.”

She said she promised herself that if she got into journalism that she would seek truth and report on it.

“The key word being seek, looking for the answers and determining the truth before I reported it,” she said. “I knew I would make mistakes, but I promised I would never willingly tell the story without confirmation that it was true.”

Before being hired to report in Iosco County, Alvord began her journalism career at the college level working for Central Michigan University’s student publication called Grand Central Magazine, a completely student run online publication, where she worked for two years.

“I really enjoyed working there. Everyone was very kind and supportive. I had a wonderful editor, Tessa Harvey, who taught me a lot about what it takes to be a journalist,” Alvord said.

Alvord said she is excited to begin her career reporting on news, events, and other happenings in Iosco County.

“I really enjoyed my time in college, so I am sad to leave it all behind because some wonderful memories were made, but I’m excited to start a new chapter of life,” she said.