AUSABLE TWP. – The AuSable Township Board of Trustees have significantly lowered the listing price of the former township hall in an effort to quickly sell the building.

The decision was made during a June 3 meeting of the board to lower the price by nearly $30,000.

As previously reported, Heritage House Realty Broker Marissa Binkowski recommended that the property be listed at $119,000. AuSable Township voted to list the former hall at $99,000 at the January 22 meeting.

Supervisor Kevin Beliveau addressed the board and said since listing the property there has been no real interest in someone purchasing it. For that reason, Treasurer Mary Jo Samotis along with Superintendent Leisa Sutton and Beliveau met with Heritage House Realty Agent Ann M. Richards to discuss the former hall.

“The agent believes and we agree that the price is probably something that is not helping this at all,” said Beliveau. “The nature of that property, the multiple buildings on it, the amount of work that would be required to renovate it and revitalize it somehow into some usable residential or allowable commercial use is not cost effective.”

Beliveau said to the board that Richards suggested the board  lower the list price in order to sell the building in a reasonable amount of time and gain potential interest. Richards suggested the board list the property at $69,900, a $29,100 decrease from the original list price.

“This is a building we do not want to carry over for another winter. We had all kinds of problems,” said Beliveau. “It just seems that a vacant building seems to deteriorate faster than a used one and we experienced that this winter with nobody there.”

A motion to reduce the list price from $99,000 to $69,900 was made by Trustee Alanda Barnes and was seconded by Trustee Ron Janis receiving a 6-0 vote of approval. Clerk Kelly Graham was absent from the Monday meeting.


Other business included

• Continued discussion of response times from Iosco County Commissioner Terry Dutcher, Operations Manager for Iosco County EMS and Arenac/Iosco Mobile Medical Response (MMR) Scott Kernicki and Director of Iosco County Central Dispatch Mike Eller. A story about the discussion can be found in a future edition of the Oscoda Press.

• Discussion of AuSable Township’s sewer rates from F & V Engineer Gary Bartow. An in-depth look at the rates and discussion can be found in a future edition of the Oscoda Press.

• Consideration of Ordinance 117 prohibition of recreational marijuana establishments ordinance. The ordinance was presented to the board at the May 20 meeting. Sutton requested the adoption of the ordinance. A motion to approve ordinance 117 was made by Trustee Jeff Moss and was seconded by Trustee Yvette Ramsdell receiving a 6-0 vote.

• Approval of the July newsletter that is sent out with summer tax bills. Moss requested the sentence in regards to Trailhead Market Place parking be in bold font in the newsletter. Additionally, Samotis asked the word this be changed to the word that in regards to the former township hall. A motion to approve the newsletter with the few changes was made by Janis and was seconded by Barnes receiving a 6-0 vote.

• Introduction of ordinance 118 vacant property registration and maintenance. The ordinance was discussed by the AuSable Township Planning Commission at the April meeting. The ordinance was presented to the board in order to follow protocol.