A young kite festival participant strings his freshly built kite along the edge of Lake Huron at the Breeze on the Bay Kite Festival.

EAST TAWAS – Visitors flooded East Tawas State Harbor throughout June 2 for the annual Breeze on the Bay Tawas Kite Festival. 

Several visitors were able to come out and fly their kites before the festival was cut short by rainfall. 

Organizer Jack Quinn, who is also locally known as “Kiteman Jack,” is the man behind the festival. Quinn founded the festival 10 years ago. 

“If you want to spend time with the family and have fun, it’s good for the kids. (Kite flying) is a great hobby to get into and it’s local,” he said.

Diana Quinn said the idea started many years ago with a camping trip in East Tawas.

“We used to stay in the campground here and one day Jack saw a guy flying a trick kite on the beach. A little while later we went to Myrtle Beach and Jack bought his first kite there. He flew it in Tawas and some kids saw him. He really was the star of the show so they called him ‘Kiteman Jack’,” she said. 

The couple was so inspired by everyone’s reactions to Jack’s kite flying that they decided to open Kiteman Jacks kite store. Years later they went on to start what is now known as Breeze on the Bay Tawas Kite Festival. 

One of the kite flying participants this year was Mike Bachman. Mike said he comes out almost every year and that the turn out was not quite as good as last year. He believes this is due to the rainy weather. 

“My wife bought my kite 10 years ago. I have been coming out ever since. It’s a good place to fly,” he said. 

Breeze on the Bay Kite Festival is held every year at Harbor Park in East Tawas located at the end of Newman Street. 

Participating is free for everyone as well as free kite making and a “candy drop” for children.