With COVID-19 cases continuing to rise, Kirtland Community College representatives say that hospitals are looking to fill positions as soon as possible. Now, nursing students across Michigan – including the 42 from Kirtland who will be eligible to enter the workforce in May – can count online courses for credit, and will have the option to apply for a temporary license once they pass their classes required for graduation.

GRAYLING – When Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive order to temporarily lift certain restrictions on the provision of medical services, this lead the Michigan Board of Nursing to allow nursing students from colleges across Michigan – such as Kirtland Community College – to count all online classes toward the overall credit required for graduation.

In response to the rising number of COVID-19 cases across the state, local hospitals are looking to fill positions for healthcare workers immediately. While the Michigan Board of Nursing typically allows 50 percent of clinical experience hours through virtual simulation, the board announced that 100 percent of clinical experience hours occurring online will now be accepted as credit.

The regulatory changes for Michigan nursing students are temporary, and only apply through the remainder of 2020.

“This decision helps us support our students on their path to graduate and connect graduates to healthcare positions at a time when our community needs them the most,” said Kirtland Community College Interim Vice President of Instructional Services, Amy Fugate. “We’re incredibly proud of our soon-to-be graduates who are stepping up to serve their community, and also encourage students to take the NCLEX exam as soon as possible in order to serve at a greater capacity.”

Once nursing students pass and complete all the necessary credits to graduate, they are eligible to enter the workforce by applying for a temporary nursing license which will be valid for one year from the issue date. This semester, 42 nursing students from Kirtland will be graduating upon passing their current courses.

Kirtland nursing graduates are expected to graduate on May 1, and are eligible to earn a full license after passing the NCLEX exam, which they will be able to take as soon as it is available in person.

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