Jaimie McGuire

Jaimie McGuire

OSCODA – Oscoda Township Treasurer Jaimie McGuire won a contentious Republican primary race against Oscoda Supervisor, who ran against her in the Aug. 4 primary.

McGuire, who has been the township’s treasurer for more than 18 years, won the primary on the Republican side of the ticket handily with 965 votes, good for 75.75 percent of Republican primary voters’ votes, moving her to the Nov. 3 General election. There were no Democrats in the primary for the treasurer’s slot.

Weed garnered just 24.02 percent of the vote, or 306. There were three write-in votes, although there was no write-in candidate registered in the election. Weed’s tenure as the township’s supervisor will end on Dec. 31. 

There could be other candidates registered for the treasurer’s race for the township, who may have registered as independent, but that list has not been released yet by the county.

Other Oscoda Township primary candidates included four Republicans who are vying for four trustee seats in November. The four Republicans on the ballot included incumbent Trustees Timothy Cummings and William Palmer. The pair, along with Jeremy Spencer and Steven Wusterbarth will all go to the Nov. 4 General election.

The lone Democrat on the ticket included Rozanne Curley, who will also move on to the Nov. 4 election. The aforementioned five candidates, along with those individuals who have filed as independent, will vie for four seats in November.

Other’s in Oscoda Township, including Robert Tasior, who registered as a Democrat to run for Weed’s supervisor seat, and Republican Joshua Sutton, running for clerk, will move on to the November ballot as well, against independent challengers.

In another contested race in Baldwin Township, a three-way race amongst Republicans vying for the supervisor seat had candidate Christopher J. Martin winning out against Mike Falle and James D. Miner.

Martin took 64.31 percent of the vote, or 218 votes. The second most votes garnered in the race was for Miner, who earned 68 votes, or 20.06 percent of the vote. Taking last in votes was Falle with 53 votes, or 15.63 percent.

For a full listing of the results of uncontested races in the county, including election deligates, visit www.iosco.net and follow the links to the clerk’s page for election results.