NOSE MASK – A Kalitta Air 747, used to transport air freight, including face masks and other medical supplies for the COVID-19 pandemic, sits in a Kalitta Air hangar. The aircraft recently underwent a paint job to include the mask.

OSCODA – The iconic painting scheme of a Kalitta Air 747 – usually red, gold and white – got a touch of blue with a recent paint job.

The aircraft is one of the company’s cargo aircraft, a B747-400BCF, that has been repainted to include a blue face mask over the nose, according to Don Nolan, director of 145 heavy maintenance for Kalitta Air. The face mask is worn by many in an effort to curb and stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Nolan said that the air transport company Cargolux began the trend of painting face masks on their cargo carriers that transport emergency medical supplies from one area to another.

Cargolux is a transport company that is based in Luxembourg.

It is believed, as reported by JetTip, a smart flight alert service and news site for aviation, that Kalitta Air is the first air carrier based in the United States to have painted one of their cargo aircraft with a face mask.

Like the Cargolux aircraft, Nolan said that the Kalitta 747, serial number N744CK, also transports medical supplies, in addition to military ordinance, supplies, mail and “common cargo-consumer goods depending on the route and position on the planet.”

N744CK is one of the oldest B747-400BCFs in the Kalitta fleet, according to Nolan. He said that the aircraft itself is 27 years old, and in contrast, the company operates three brand new B777 aircraft.

The new paint job is part of a periodic “heavy check” as reported by JetTip. Nolan said the fleet’s aircraft typically have a refreshed paint job every three to four years. 

“This mask will most likely be sanded off this year sometime,” Noland said. Adding that the inclusion of the mask on the aircraft came as a result of customer requests.

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