Jerry Michael McCauley, 56, is accused of murdering his wife, Gina Marie McCauley, 55, at their home in Grant Township. He has been denied bond and, if convicted as charged, he could face in life in prison.

GRANT Twp. – Jerry Michael McCauley, 56, faces life if prison if convicted as charged on one count of homicide-open murder.

In an act of violence allegedly spanning more than 30 minutes, he is accused of stabbing to death his wife, Gina Marie McCauley, 55, at their home on Pioneer Street in Grant Township.

Michigan State Police (MSP) F/Lt. Christopher Luty, commander of the MSP West Branch Post, has confirmed that the couple’s son was the one who initially discovered the body of Gina McCauley.

Jerry McCauley was arraigned last week and remains lodged in the Iosco County Jail, with bond having been denied. He will next appear in court on Tuesday, Oct. 2, for a preliminary exam.

Court documents reveal that, on Sept. 8, MSP troopers were dispatched to a residence on Pioneer Street for the reported homicide of a female within the home.

Authorities advise that the woman, identified as Gina McCauley, was found deceased in the kitchen, with multiple stab wounds to her chest.

As previously reported, Luty stated that Jerry was arrested on that date, but was released pending further investigation. Also at that time, the suspect was not believed to be a threat or danger to the general public, according to police.

According to Luty, Jerry was released because he allegedly refused to talk with investigators while in custody the first time. Following his release, detectives were conducting additional investigation and came into contact with Jerry, which is when he allegedly confessed to the crime and was subsequently arrested again on Sept. 10.

As noted in court records, when detectives interviewed Jerry, he allegedly admitted to stabbing his wife multiple times.

According to police, Jerry said he and his wife were arguing on the morning of Sept. 8, and that he eventually reached his “breaking point,” grabbed a knife and stabbed her in the chest.

Following the initial stab, Jerry allegedly said he needed to “finish her off,” and stabbed Gina a couple more times in the chest.

Jerry allegedly told police that the initial stabs did not kill his wife, as he could see her breathing. He had walked away and then returned, waiting for her to die.

As noted in court documents, Gina continued to breathe, and her husband allegedly stabbed her several more times.

Jerry waited further and his wife continued to breathe, so he allegedly said he rolled her over and stabbed her several times in the back, in an attempt to get her to stop breathing.

Jerry again waited, and saw that his wife was still breathing. So, according to court records, he said he finally plunged the knife into Gina’s chest area, where he thought her heart was, attempting to strike her heart to “finish her.”

After this last stab, Jerry allegedly said he felt that his wife was deceased.

According to detectives, Jerry said that the time from when he first stabbed Gina, until the last stab where he attempted to strike her heart, lasted for approximately 35 minutes.

Detectives and crime lab personnel observed about 20 puncture wounds to Gina’s body, in her upper chest area and her back, consistent with a sharp weapon such as a knife.

It is stated in the documents that the initial stabs into Gina’s chest did not kill her, but seriously injured her. Further, it is alleged that at no time did Jerry consider seeking medical treatment for Gina, even though he stopped the assault and observed her to still be breathing on at least two occasions.

Court records show that Jerry previously pled guilty to a charge of assault or assault and battery in August of 2017, in an incident that did not involve his wife.

He also faces a pending domestic violence charge, relating to an incident this July involving both his wife and son, with a notice of sentencing date of Tuesday, Sept. 25.