OSCODA – Voters in Oscoda Township showed support and voted to fund a millage that would help fund the Oscoda Township Fire Department, but voted against passing a millage that would have generated funding for township roads.

The millage questions were asked of township voters during an Aug. 6 election; the ballot questions were the only questions asked of voters, and further it was the only election in Iosco County.

Voters approved Resolution 2019-10 in Oscoda Township with a 281 voting to support the measure, or 57.4 percent in favor. Voting against the measure were 208 votes, or 42.5 percent of the vote.

Resolution 2019-10 was a proposed increase of .90 mills, or 90 cents per $1,000 of taxable value of a person’s property for “purposes of operation and maintenance of the Township Fire Department, inclusive of keeping the current fire equipment up to date and adequate to meet all reasonable Township needs.”

The millage will commence on the Nov. 1, 2020 and extend for six years through 2025 and generate an estimated $267,557 the first year.

Voters did not approve Resolution 2019-11, which was a millage request for an increase of up to 1.75 mills, or $1.75 for every $1,000 of taxable value for property, for a six-year millage for the purposes of road maintenance, repairs and improvements in the township.

The millage request garnered 214 votes in favor, or 43.8 percent. Voting against the measure were 274 votes recorded or 56.1 percent of the vote against the millage. 

The millage, if it were passed, would have generated an estimated $520,250 in the first year of the millage.