OSCODA – The Oscoda Wurtsmith Airport Authority (OWAA) met via Zoom on Thursday, Oct. 8, to discuss bids received for installing a cell four roof covering on building 60.

According to Oscoda Wurtsmith Airport (OWA) Manager Gary Kellan, three bids were given between $95,000-$120,000. Bids included $120,000 from Beyer Roofing Company; $97,750 from Kawkawlin Roofing Company and $95,700 for Streng Construction, Inc. 

Kellan said to board members that this is not a flat roof and all three contractors expressed concern about doing the project before the winter season. 

“Its got a fairly severe pitch to it and as the days get colder we’ll end up with frost. Its a metal surface roof and they are worried about the danger of working on a pitched roof in frosty conditions must less snowy conditions,” said Kellan. 

He said, however, that the contractors were still willing to do the project. 

“I’ve contacted the engineering company that designed the roof to talk about references and Streng’s experience installing their roofing system and we’ve received glowing remarks regarding Streng’s capability and past performance,” said Kellan. 

He said further that the roof being installed includes a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty with high wind speeds up to 70 knots. Kellan said that staff recommended the board hire of Streng Construction, Inc., because of the good feedback received on their references and because they were the lowest bidding contractor. 

OWAA Representative Mike Munson inquired if Streng was a local contractor, as in a contractor in Michigan and Kellan said the company is from Chesaning. A motion to approve the hire of Streng Construction, Inc. was made by Dailey and was seconded by Aaron Weed receiving a 6-0 vote of approval. Boyat was absent for the Thursday meeting. 

Other business included: 

• Approval of September 2020 financial report of payment transactions totaling $212,434.38. According to Kellan, these transactions include a $135,360 progress payment to Dore & Associates for the demolition of building 5006, a deposit for $176,745.16, which is a reimbursement to OWAA for engineering service fees for the Iosco resurfacing apron project, as well as, a $19,910 deposit for a reimbursement to OWAA for local match funding that OWAA contributed for the runway resurfacing project. A motion to approve the financial report was made by Dave Dailey and was seconded by Mike Munson receiving a 5-0 vote. Rob Huebel and Kevin Boyat were absent at the time of voting. 

OWA manager comments/project updates:

• Iosco Apron Resurfacing –  The paving portions of the project were completed during the last week of September. Kellan said right now there’s partial markings on the pavement. The painting company will return Oct. 22, and finish the project. 

  Taxiway ‘E’ Resurfacing – Kellan said he estimated that the project wouldn’t be done until Oct. 12, but, at press time, contractors were finishing up and expected to open up on Friday, Oct. 9. 

• Miscellaneous asphalt blowout project – As reported in the Sept. 2 edition of the Oscoda Press, there was an issue near the Taxiway ‘E’ Resurfacing project. There was a blowout of asphalt from an aircraft run due to the extremely high temperatures and as reported, no pavers were interested in taking on the small project. According to Kellan, Pyramid Paving & Contracting Co have agreed to do the job for $31,590. 

• Building 5006 demolition – The project is due to be complete by the end of October. At this time, Kellan estimates that the project is half-way done. 

• FBO Hangar Door Modifications – Kellan said he received the engineer’s design, which includes two options of modifying the doors. He said further the company put together their own estimate and shipped out those design and specifications to two different door companies and asked them for budget estimates to compare all three estimates.  

• Site Readiness Planning project – Oscoda Township has completed the request for a qualifications process. Five packages were received and Kellan was invited to sit in on the review them. All demonstrated experience in qualifications that are necessary to successfully implement the projects, according to Kellan. The five were narrowed down to three. They will be trying to trim down the three to hire one of them. Kellan estimates the hire will happen before Oct. 28. 

• Michigan Launch Initiative – A OWA site visit tour was conducted on Sept. 29, for 35-40 people affiliated with the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturer’s Association. According to Kellan,  visitors were shown the work centers of Phoenix Composite Solutions to demonstrate their capabilities for aerospace operations, as well as, Kalitta hangar nine, to show their structural maintenance capabilities. 

• Proposed locations for speculated construction projects – Kellan said their may be three projects in the future which might require the board to make changes to the airport layout plan.