Commissioner Ron Janis, far right, offers his opinion on the vacant property registration and maintenance ordinance. Also pictured, from left, are board members Bill Szuch, Diana London and chairman Kurt Beck. Board member Jeff Lamrock was absent from the meeting.

AUSABLE TWP. – The AuSable Township Planning Commission met on Wednesday, April 24 and continued its discussion on registering and maintaining vacant property.

During the February meeting, Superintendent Leisa Sutton supplied board members with a variety of examples of ordinances from other communities in regards to outdoor recreational storage, registration for vacant properties and registration for rental properties.

Last month the board decided to take no action on outdoor recreational storage and table the discussion on registration for rental properties due to cost. In regards to an ordinance for registration of vacant properties the board unanimously agreed that they preferred Trenton’s ordinance and asked if Sutton would write up a draft permit and ordinance for them to look over.

Last Wednesday, the board reconvened and looked over the draft permit and ordinance that Sutton created. Chairman Kurt Beck began by reading off the purpose of the ordinance and how it differs slightly with Trenton’s.

“Compared to the others I’d say it’s pretty simple and pretty straight forward and I think that’s what we were shooting for,” said Beck.

The board reviewed each section individually making changes as they went through. Sutton agreed to make the changes discussed and present the ordinance to the AuSable Township Board of Trustees. A motion to present the Board of Trustees with the ordinance was made by Bill Szuch and was seconded by Diana London receiving a 4-0 vote of approval. Jeff Lamrock was absent from the Wednesday meeting.