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FOR SALE? – The new website for the Oscoda Township Economic Improvement Committee went live last week, along with an apparent listing for Furtaw Field, now removed. However, Oscoda Township Supervisor Ann Richards says the township board has not approved any listing of Furtaw Field.

OSCODA – Oscoda Township residents and officials were surprised to see a listing for Furtaw Field making the rounds on Facebook Thursday night. 

The listing was posted on the township Economic Improvement Committee’s newly-redesigned website, which went live last week and has since been taken down, along with other township properties that are available for sale, lease or redevelopment. Furtaw Field was listed for sale with the price listed as “negotiable.”

“One block removed from Lake Huron, public access to the sugary sand beaches of Oscoda and the one of a kind Beach Park, you should be thinking mixed use commercial, multi family, condos or Destination Entertainment District,” the now-removed listing read. 

But according to Oscoda Township Supervisor Ann Richards, the Oscoda Township Board of Trustees has not taken any action on whether or not to list Furtaw Field. A board vote is usually required in order for a real estate broker to list a township property for sale, she said. 

“It has not been formally determined whether it will be listed,” she said, declining to speak further on the topic.

The board has scheduled a joint work session with the EIC for Thursday, Feb. 18 at 3 p.m. to discuss future housing opportunities in Oscoda, as well as a method for selling township property. 

Although the township board of trustees received four new members in November, the development of Furtaw Field has been a hot topic in recent years. In 2019, the field was identified as a potential site for a consolidated township hall, police and fire department building. 

Other sites considered were the block surrounding Family Fare, the empty Kmart building and the current township hall site. While Furtaw Field was considered to be the easiest and cheapest option to build, the public made their thoughts clear that they wanted it to remain as-is. 

“We need it because it’s a part of our history,” resident Dawn Barber said during a public meeting on the topic. “And for you to build on it and take away that, would hurt this community for years to come.”

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