The headquarters building of the Iosco-Arenac District Library in East Tawas, shown here, received a number of upgrades last year. Other improvements, programs and financial activities at the district’s eight different branches were summarized recently in the 2018 annual report.

EAST TAWAS – With branches in eight different municipalities, and staff having issued 1,373 new borrower cards last year, the Iosco-Arenac District Library was teeming with activity in 2018.

The entity’s annual report has been released for this past year, which accounts for the branches in Tawas City, East Tawas, Whittemore, Oscoda, Hale, AuGres, Standish and Omer.

The document contains details on 2018 finances, a synopsis of the programs which were held and other highlights.

The Iosco-Arenac District Library headquarters is located at 120 W. Westover St. in East Tawas and more information about the system is available by visiting www.ioscoarenaclibrary.org, or calling 362-2651.

The website also provides notices of the 2019 programs, information on the individual branches, hours of operation and more.

Based on the report, 2018 revenues for the district library totaled $1,185,045, while expenditures came in at $1,319,606.

The fund balance at the beginning of the year was reported to be $1,040,958. From this, $697,408 was subtracted for fund balance-assigned by board; $19,402, fund balance-restricted by board; and $15,403, excess revenues over expenditures, for a total year-end undesignated fund balance of $308,745.

The undesignated fund balance at year-end in 2017 was $264,609.

The revenues for 2018 consisted of the following:

Millage, $816,931; penal fines, $271,085; state sources, $51,078; miscellaneous income, $37,899; and fines and forfeitures, $8,052.

The 2018 appropriations were dedicated to millage revenue sharing, $418,795; wages and benefits, $415,343; books, materials, periodicals and digital resources, $168,889; operating expenses, $132,158; fixed assets, $97,478; technology, $50,200; and programming, $36,743.

Those from the Iosco-Arenac District Library say that over 120 programs in 2018 attracted more than 3,320 children and teens, as well as 1,353 adults.

The activities included 60 “Preschool Storytimes,” with books, games and crafts; a summer reading club featuring programs on magicians, birds of prey, music, theater and more; lessons on wild animals; and a program on incubating chicken eggs, for which the library collaborated with Iosco County 4-H and Michigan State University-Extension.

The report also reads that more than 1,550 people were educated, motivated and entertained at a wide variety of programs and workshops with adults in mind.

These included 12 historical programs, four “how to” workshops, one genealogy workshop, five informative/entertainment programs, two outdoor/travel shows, two craft programs, two author visits and a tea party.

A list of other 2018 highlights was also included with the report, some of which are noted as follows:

• Headquarters staff added 13,780 new books, CD books and magazine subscriptions to the district collection, spending $145,273.

• A project was completed to update the district headquarters offices with new flooring, paint, furniture, window treatments and cabling.

• There were 75,638 virtual visits to the district’s website.

• There were more than 17,000 digital books, audiobooks, magazines, music and movies checked out using Overdrive, Zinio and Hoopla.

• Library staff recorded 112,824 patron visits and checked out more than 98,801 books, audios, videos and magazines, using the automated system.

• District branch libraries were open to patrons for 16,895 hours.

• The Mary Johnston Memorial Library in Standish celebrated its 60th birthday with an open house and refreshments.

• The district purchased six color laser printers and 16 public-use computers to replace aging equipment in the branches.

• The project to run fiber to the East Tawas Library was completed.

• Staff continued to support economic development endeavors by partnering with Michigan Works, Arenac County Economic Development and Develop Iosco, Inc.

• Public Internet computers were used 21,808 times and there were 73,072 log-ins by patrons on their own laptops/devices using district provided WiFi.