TAXIWAY ‘E’ – Portions of the Taxiway ‘E’ have had pavement resurfacing and paint markings applied; however other elements of the job couldn’t be completed this year due to the cold weather.

OSCODA – The Oscoda Wurtsmith Airport Authority (OWAA) met via Zoom, on Thursday, Dec. 10, and discussed a number of equipment purchases and project updates. 

The first of these was a discussion on the purchases of a tractor and mower deck.

“Our fiscal year 2021 capital improvement budget allocates $50,000 for a replacing an existing tractor and mower deck. Staff has completed a competitive bidding process that includes the value of trading in a 1998 White brand tractor and towed behind mower deck,” said Oscoda Wurtsmith Airport Manager Gary Kellan. 

According to Kellan, the authority received four bids which included the company, tractor model, quoted price, trade-in price offers and the OWAA net cash payment. In descending order, the highest price was received by Base Equipment for a John Deere Model. They offered a quoted price of $84,389, with a trade-in price offer at $15,000, costing the authority $69,389.20. The second bid was received by Willards Tractor for a New Holland model. The company quoted the model at $74,100, with a trade-in price offer of $7,000, costing the authority $67,100. 

The two other bids were received by Don’s Tractor for a New Holland Model and Ginop of Hillman for a Kubota M-5 model. Don’s Tractor gave a quoted price of $64,476.21, with a trade-in price offer at $10,000, costing the authority $54,476.21. The final offer and the one recommended by staff was quoted at $64,004, with a trade-in price offer at $15,209, costing the authority $48,795. 

“Staff is recommending that this purchase be awarded to the lowest sales outlet which is Ginop out of Hillman. They are offering a 90 horsepower four wheel drive Kubota M-5 tractor,” said Kellan. 

A motion to authorize the trade-in for $15,209 and to pay an additional $48,795 for the purchase of a new Kubota M-5 was made by Mike Munson and was seconded by Kevin Beliveau receiving a 7-0 vote. 

Additionally, a discussion to purchase dustless blasting equipment took place among board members. According to Kellan, the new runway surface has been accumulating tire rubber from heavy aircraft landings. He said the rubber is partially obscuring paint marking and reducing friction and traction. 

“Staff has identified a device that is designed for pavement rubber removal. It utilizes compressed air to propel water and abrasive media without producing excessive dust. It is called dustless blasting,” said Kellan. 

He said further that staff has been finding increasing amount of graffiti on airport buildings and facilities. 

“We’re also looking for a tool to remove all the graffiti that is inappropriate. We’ve been receiving complaints about that, so the dustless device is capable of removing that from those concrete and metal surfaces. Also its a tool for removing paint from metal structures in preparation for repainting the products,” said Kellan. 

He said the purchase price for the primary blast pot  is $8,245 and there’s an additional charge of $1,067.48 for purchasing the shielded helmet, air supply hose and in-line air supply filter. A motion to authorize the purchase of the proposed dustless blasting device and accessory equipment not to exceed $10,000 was made by Munson and was seconded by Swise receiving a 7-0 vote. 

Along with discussion about purchases of new equipment, Kellan also updated the authority on two major projects that have been discussed for the last several months including the demolition of building 5006 and the Taxiway ‘E’ phase one resurfacing project. Kellan said he predicts that the demolition project is 99 percent complete. First discussion of the project took place in June when authority members decided it need to be demoed because it was an eyesore. 

“They are applying top soil, but we’ve had our engineer to do another inspection on it. Jack and I have both identified that it could use some additional raking to get smaller debris out of the soil and we also need a sign off from the township water and sewer department as it relates to cutting and capping,” said Kellan.

Additionally, Kellan made mention of phase one of the Taxiway ‘E’ resurfacing project. He said that the pavement resurfacing and paint markings were applied, but the final paint markings and crack sealing among other elements of the job have not yet been completed. 

“The painting company can’t apply it on new asphalt it has to be down for 30 days and after that 30 days we got into a situation were its too cold to apply paint or crack sealing material, so those portions of the project are being differed to next Spring,” said Kellan. 

Other business included: 

• Approval of the November 2020 financial report of payment transactions totaling $204,292.33. According to Kellan, these transactions include a $22,500 payment to Sidock Group Inc., for engineering services in support of modifying hangar doors; a $50,485 payment to the Michigan Department of Transportation Bureau of Aeronautics for local match in support of Taxiway ‘E’ paving and a $60,062.50 progress payment to Dore & Associates Construction for demolishing building 5006. After subtracting the one time payments, general operating expenditures were approximately $71,274.83. A motion to approve the financial report was made by John Swise and was seconded by Munson receiving a 7-0 vote. 

• Approval of authorizing Board Chairman Kevin Boyat to sign the Michigan Employees Retirement System (MERS) Defined Benefit Plan Adoption Agreement Addendum and the Defined Contribution Plan Adoption Agreement Addendum. According to Kellan, all hourly wage employees participate in one of these retirement plans. The addendum seeks to confirm provisions and limitations of the airport authorities both retirement plans and asks that the authority supply copies of meeting minutes demonstrating the board taking formal action on the adoption amendment. A motion to authorize the signing of both was made by Dave Dailey and was seconded by Mike Munson receiving a 7-0 vote. 

• Board voted to approve a land lease agreement with Kalitta Air for Hangar 10. A motion to approve the agreement was made by Dailey and was seconded by Munson receiving a 7-0 vote. 

• Authorization for Boyat and Kellan to sign a proposed contract for a Boeing 727 part out and removal with Towards Air. According Kellan, the B-727 has been parked at OWA for over 15 years. Authorization is granted under the condition of the contractor first providing evidence of maintaining the required insurance coverage and performance bond protections cited within the contract. A motion to raise the permit fee to $500 was made by Munson and was seconded by Beliveau receiving a 7-0 vote. 

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