Lakewood Shores Resort employees prepare to place a new roof on the Serradella Farms barn that dates back to the early 1900s. The barn is expected to look the same as it did previously.

OSCODA – Lakewood Shores Resort on Serradella Farms begins the process of replacing the roof of the iconic barn since a winter storm in April 2018 caused it to cave in.

In September 2018, Lakewood Shores employees began tearing down the roof piece by piece, according to General Manager Craig Peters. He said that it was important that the collapsed roof be taken off slowly and carefully to ensure they were able to save the walls and keep the history. According to Peters, the barn has been there since the early 1910s or 20s.

Since the beginning of the tear down process, Peters said that the replacement roof is expected to keep the look of the barn prior to storm. He said it was important to take care when designing the barn so it reflected its earlier model. He said that the owner has always loved history.

“He wanted to save the look of it and save the history of that barn. We didn’t want to rush and just put something up there,” he said. “It was important to recreate what he had.”

The removal of each piece of the broken roof was completed in late fall, according to Peters. He said the process took so long because they had to wait on a design from an architect and find some contractors.

“This is not a project everybody and their brother can do. Putting up this type of structure,” he said. “We were trying to find someone that could handle it. It’s very important that we maintained and did the job right.”

In early Spring, Peters said they have hired Architect Rex Reittenbach from AuGres who has handled the design of the barn.

Since early August, the work to replace the barn has begun. According to Peters, 30 footings were poured the first full week of August. The following week the crew let the cement settle and then began working on the roof around Aug. 22.

Peters said he isn’t sure how long putting the roof on will take, but said he’ll know more once the project really gets moving. He also said he isn’t sure when the whole project will be complete, but he is hoping sometime this Fall.

“It’s been a long process, but its important not to rush it. It’s an important structure and we want to make sure it’s right,” said Peters. “We’re as anxious as anybody to see it up and see it much better than it was and restored to its former glory.”