AuSable Township Board of Trustees vote to sell the former township hall located at 311 Fifth St. at their June 17 meeting. The property was sold to Carlos Uriarte after accepting his offer of $45,000 to turn the former commercial building into a residence.

AUSABLE TWP. – AuSable Township Board of Trustees voted to accept the offer for the purchase of the former township hall at their June 17 meeting.

After reducing the list price from $99,000 to $69,900 at their June 3 meeting, the township board was given an offer of $45,000 from Oscoda resident Carlos Uriarte to transform the building into a residential building.

Prior to the vote, a closed session was held to accept the offer. The closed session was followed by an open meeting for further discussion and to vote on the offer. A motion to accept the offer was made by Trustee Ron Janis and was seconded by Clerk Kelly Graham receiving a unanimous vote of approval.

Other business included

• Consideration of Ordinance 118 – Vacant property registration and maintenance program. A motion to adopt the ordinance was made by Trustee Yvette Ramsdell and was seconded by Trustee Alanda Barnes receiving a unanimous vote of approval.

• Continued discussion on sewer rates and EMS services. Superintendent Leisa Sutton provided the board with rates of other communities and made a clear decision to continue doing business with Iosco County’s EMS services.

• Introduction of ordinance amendment 83 – an ordinance to amend municipal sewer service rates. A detailed story can be found in a future edition.