OSCODA – Officials in Oscoda Township have been discussing the potential construction of a consolidated municipal services center at Furtaw Field, located downtown on US-23.

In order for the public to better understand the preliminary aspects being considered for this concept, a presentation/work session has been slated for Wednesday, Aug. 28. It will take place from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Warrior Pavilion of Ken Ratliff Memorial Park, located at 6168 F-41 on Van Etten Lake.

The public is strongly encouraged to attend the session, which will include a presentation by representatives of WTA Architects and ROWE Professional Services Company.

Organizers note that accurate and up-to-date information will be shared at the event, regarding the preliminary concept of a consolidated municipal services building.

As previously reported, nothing is set in stone but ideas have been tossed around for combining the township offices, police station, fire hall, library, community center and senior center into one central location on Furtaw Field. The possible inclusion of an on-site training area for police and fire department personnel has also been discussed.

Township officials have pointed out the lack of adequate space for the training/meetings conducted by firefighters and police officers. Additionally, the current township offices are in frequent need of costly repairs, which has led to the question of whether it will be cheaper to continue making such upgrades, or if construction of an entirely new facility would be more cost-effective.

A flyer advertising the work session reads that public safety is important for the community. Therefore, attendance is requested from those who want to better understand the benefits for the police and fire departments, along with all community stakeholders.