OSCODA – The Oscoda Area Schools (OAS) Board of Education met on Monday to discuss and approve 12 staff members for hire and four resignations. 

The approved teachers for hire included Lindsey Moore, Holly English, Jennifer Clarke and Katherine Winchell. Additionally, Superintendent Dr. Scott Moore suggested a multitude of approvals for hire including Kimberly Rehil, Elyssa Steward, Hannah Wood, Jennifer Birkenbach, Janet Tilley, Jessica Holly and Dan Jurkiewicz. 

One of the first hires on the agenda included Lindsey who expressed interest in being a Richardson Elementary School (RES) Teacher after serving OAS for the last seven or eight years, according to Moore. He said previously that she served as the Coordinator of Assessment Accountability, a preschool teacher and a substitute teacher. Recently she obtained her teaching certificate and has been hired to teach children at RES. 

English graduated from Central Michigan University this May  with a bachelor of science degree in Education. Previously she was a student teacher at Bay City Central High School from January 2020 through May 2020. She is being hired as a high school English teacher. 

“As far as coming out of college with a background in language arts I don’t believe that I’ve worked with a teacher this early out of college that has as much background in language arts as she currently does,” said Moore. 

Clarke has previously served OAS as a paraprofessional at RES for the last five years. She reached out to District General Manager Michael Barnhart with interest in being a elementary school teacher. 

Moore said she is being hired as a fourth grade math teacher at RES. She was recently accepted into the Accelerated Certification with Residency Program at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) College of Education. She graduated with a bachelor of science degree from Miami University in business administration in December 1999. 

The final hire to the RES team  of teachers includes Winchell who is a former school success worker. She was recommended to Moore and the Board of Education by RES Principal Tami Pichla and RES Assistant Principal Rebecca Brooks. She graduated from SVSU in 2004 with a bachelor of arts degree in elementary education. She is being hired as a kindergarten teacher. 

Other hires included Rehil as the Assistant Director of Food Service, Steward, Wood, Tilley and Dellar as a paraprofessionals, Birkenbach a dietary staff member, Holly as a bus driver and Jurkiewicz as a the new junior varsity boys soccer coach. 

Rehil previously owned and managed Up North Catering LLC in Hale from May 1991 to today. Moore said she has a lot of experience in food service dating back to the 1980s. 

“Food service is probably one of our bigger concerns right now in terms of economic situations because as of right now we’re only turning out 40 percent of the meals that we would have last year, just with where things are going,” said Moore. It’s going to take us several weeks if not a month or even more to be able to really get a good delivery system for all of our online and blended.” 

Steward is currently the OAS varsity swim coach and expressed interest in serving as a paraprofessional at RES. Wood had plans of moving, but according to Moore, decided not to and is being hired to RES once again as a paraprofessional for another year. 

Moore said to board members that they may be looking to hire two more paraprofessionals because they are need of more support than ever before for safety. Additionally, Birkenbach is being rehired as a bus driver after seeing the need created from the Coronavirus. 

The final hire included Jurkiewicz who will replace Jeremy Smith who has chosen to resign due to another job opportunity. Many hires typically results in a few resignations and Moore presented four to the board. The first of these came from junior varsity basketball coach Tyler Beglin. He submitted his resignation to Oscoda High School Assistant Principal Mike Buchinger. His letter states that he hates to step down but he feels he doesn’t have an adequate amount of time available to provide the team and players the time they need to be successful. 

Moore told board members he received a resignation letter from teacher Tamara SanMiguel. 

“I wish to thank you for the opportunity to work for Oscoda Area Schools. The brief time I spent working in your district was enjoyable and rewarding. The staff was beyond accommodating and supportive and I truly enjoyed being a part of your team,” stated SanMiguel in her letter. 

In order to tend to her family she said it was necessary to resign. 

“I wish you continued success and will remain an owl in my heart,” stated her letter. 

The last two resignations were received by paraprofessional Amanda Rutter and the aforementioned soccer coach, Smith.