SENTENCED – Steven Allen Colorite, 55, of Oscoda was recently sentenced to 29 months to five years in prison after he pleaded guilty to stalking an Iosco County Trial Court employee that had a personal protection order against him. 

TAWAS CITY – An Oscoda man who was charged with a variety of crimes, including stalking, was sentenced Oct. 16 to 29 months to five years in prison after his guilty plea.

Authorities say Steven Allen Colorite, 55, Oscoda, made dozens of harassing phone calls to Iosco County governmental agencies, which led to the charges.

The sentence was handed down to Colorite in Iosco County’s 23rd Circuit Court after he pleaded guilty to aggravated stalking. As part of a plea deal, three counts of misdemeanor malicious use of a telecommunications service were dismissed.

Colorite also pleaded guilty to two counts of assaulting/resisting/obstructing a police officer, after Iosco County Sheriff Department deputies attempted to apprehend him on the stalking and other charges. For those charges he was sentenced to 16 months to two years in prison. That sentence will run concurrent with the aforementioned stalking sentence, according to court documents.

He was also ordered to not have any contact, direct or indirect, with his stalking victim and to pay court ordered assessments of $1,438.

Authorities say that Colorite called Iosco County Central Dispatch, the Iosco County Sheriff’s office and a court employee at work and at her home, dozens of times, leaving harassing and sexual messages in the process over the period of months.

The investigation into Colorite’s harassment came in May, when Iosco County Jail employees received dozens of harassing calls from Colorite to the jail after he was released from custody.

According to court documents, on May 5, nine calls were captured with a recorder by jail employees with Colorite, posing as “JD.” The calls were “sexually vulgar in nature and expelled racial hate toward jail employees,” according                              to court documents.

On the same night, an unnamed court employee – who holds personal protection orders against Colorite for previous harassment – called police to file a report that she was also being harassed by Colorite the same night. She listened to the jail calls and was able to identify Colorite by his voice.

During the same period it also came to light that Colorite had called Iosco County Central Dispatch’s non-emergency number nearly two dozen times with harassing phone calls. 

After a warrant was issued for the stalking and harassment, on May 5 Iosco County Sheriff Department deputies attempted to serve an arrest warrant and a search warrant to Colorite’s Oscoda home. During the interaction, Colorite resisted arrest by deputies and would not grant him access to the home.

Deputies rammed down the door of the home, then apprehended Colorite, who continued to resist arrest.

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