Sarah Mae Savicke

Sarah Mae Savicke

OSCODA – Sarah Mae Savicke, 32, Oscoda, faces three separate felony counts of larceny from a person, each of which carry a penalty of 10 years in prison.

Staff at Iosco County’s 81st District Court note that the first two incidents have been bound over to circuit court. Savicke was scheduled for a probable cause conference yesterday (Tuesday) regarding the latest incident.

In the statement in support of complaint for warrant, dated Feb. 6, an Oscoda Township Police Department (OTPD) member advises that a woman walked up to another female on Jan. 14, without the alleged victim knowing, reached into her shopping cart and took her wallet.

The alleged incident took place at Family Fare, located on North Huron Road in Oscoda Township, and the victim claims that her wallet contained multiple credit cards, $400 in cash and all of her medical cards.

According to the OTPD, a store employee seen a female exit the building abruptly. The staff member followed her into the parking lot, wrote down the woman’s license plate number and provided it to police.

When the responding officer obtained an address upon running the plate, he stated that he was familiar with a female at the address by the name of Sarah Savicke.

According to court records, the officer obtained surveillance footage of the incident and was able to identify the woman as Savicke based on other footage of her from a few weeks prior.

The following day, the officer made contact with Savicke inside the residence, where she was arrested for other incidents.

When asking about the wallet she allegedly took from Family Fare, the officer claims that Savicke eventually stated she threw it out onto US-23, near Oscoda Health Park.

A few days later, the officer says he was contacted by an individual who found the wallet on US-23. It was identified as the alleged female victim’s wallet, and was missing most of the items which were in it previously.

A warrant was also authorized for Savicke’s arrest on Jan. 31, regarding an incident which occurred on Jan. 24.

The OTPD again states that, on this day, Savicke walked up to a woman at Family Fare, reached into her cart without her knowing and took the woman’s purse.

The alleged victim told police that her purse contained about $80 in cash, a cell phone valued at $200, two credit cards and other miscellaneous property.

An OTPD officer states in court records that he obtained surveillance footage of the incident and was able to identify the alleged offender as Savicke from other surveillance footage of her, as well as prior contacts.

Authorities state in their case report that Savicke is seen entering the store without anything in her hands. She put her hood up and went directly to where the alleged victim was standing in the building.

Police say Savicke is then seen standing next to the other woman’s cart for some time, before walking around the corner and down the nearest aisle.

According to the OTPD, Savicke is seen going through a large purse while walking down the aisle toward the door. She allegedly is seen putting the purse under her arm and exiting the store.

An OTPD officer located Savicke at her residence the following day, where she was arrested for larceny from a person.

Police claim Savicke eventually stated that, if she took the purse from Family Fare, she did not remember doing so and did not know where the purse was.

Prior to this, a warrant for Savicke’s arrest was authorized on Jan. 16, regarding an incident from Jan. 15.

An officer was dispatched to Kmart, located on US-23 in Oscoda Township, to investigate a larceny complaint.

According to court records, a woman told police that her purse was stolen from her cart while she was shopping, and that she seen a female running away from her once she noticed the item missing.

A store employee said she believed that the subject who took the purse was Savicke, and a picture of her is posted in the business due to her having stole from the establishment.

An officer made contact with Savicke at her residence, where she was placed under arrest for a warrant out of Oscoda Township. She was lodged in the Iosco County jail for the warrant, as well as the incident of larceny from a person.

The officer claims that Savicke denied everything but, when another individual gave permission to search the home, the stolen purse was allegedly recovered from a closet Savicke was hiding in when officers first arrived at the residence.

Authorities allegedly located the victim’s driver’s license in the purse which was recovered.

The woman told police that her purse also contained a cell phone, a wallet, glasses, $50 in cash, a checkbook and other items when it was stolen from her.

When transporting Savicke to jail, the responding officer says she began to speak to him about addictions and how she “is not this person,” adding that she regrets doing what she did.