Travis Edward Moorhouse

Travis Edward Moorhouse 

TAWAS CITY – Five felony counts of assaulting/resisting/obstructing a police officer are being faced by Travis Edward Moorhouse, 31, Tawas City. Each count carries a penalty of up to two years in prison and/or fines of $2,000.

Moorhouse is also facing two misdemeanor counts, stemming from the same alleged incident, of assault or assault and battery.

According to documents from the Iosco County Courthouse, he was arrested following an incident that occurred in Tawas City, at about 8 p.m. on Dec. 23, 2019.

The Tawas Police Authority (TPA), assisted by Michigan State Police (MSP) personnel, arrived at a residence off of M-55, where they separated Moorhouse and a female who was in the home.

Authorities claim that when they asked Moorhouse to sit down on the couch, he wouldn’t comply, but eventually did so after being asked approximately 15 times.

The responding TPA officer stated that he could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from Moorhouse’s person.

Moorhouse allegedly yelled to get out, stood up and was advised by the officer four more times to sit down. He complied, and was then told by police that if he stood up again he would be detained in handcuffs.

Authorities allege in court records that Moorhouse stood up again and police tried to detain him, which he began to actively resist. Moorhouse reportedly kept his hands in a position in front of his body, to where officers could not handcuff him.

The MSP trooper and TPA officer were able to handcuff Moorhouse by separating his arms and placing them behind his back. When police attempted to take him to the patrol vehicle to secure him, they allege that Moorhouse refused to walk, so they carried him to the vehicle.

He allegedly refused to get into the patrol vehicle but, once officers were able to get him in, they say he began hitting his head and kicking the doors and windows of the vehicle.

The woman who was in the home said Moorhouse was intoxicated, and that she did not want him falling asleep with their 2-year-old child.

The woman claims that Moorhouse was upset because he thought she was going to take the child.

The woman called her parents to help her in the situation, and reported to police that Moorhouse did not physically assault her, nor did he make her fear for her safety.

The mother of the woman, while uninjured, said Moorhouse pushed her on the back with one hand to get her out of the house after she and her husband arrived.

The mother advised that she has a good rapport with Moorhouse, and tried to calm him down.

According to the father, when he showed up Moorhouse allegedly grabbed the child and went to bed, refusing to give the child back. Moorhouse eventually gave the 2-year-old to the woman’s father, who took the child out of the house.

When he went back inside, he alleged that Moorhouse was scuffling with the two females, and that he pushed the woman’s mother and tried to slap her.

The man says he went into the bedroom and told Moorhouse it was time to leave. He claimed that Moorhouse then punched him in the jaw, and he punched him back.

According to the father of the woman who was in the home when the incident began, Moorhouse allegedly pushed the woman’s mother four or five more times.

While en route to the Iosco County jail, Moorhouse reportedly made comments which prompted the police to take him to the hospital for medical clearance.

While there, Moorhouse allegedly fought with two MSP troopers and the TPA officer, and he had to be physically restrained.

Officers say they advised Moorhouse to sit down and he refused. The officers sat down Moorhouse, who allegedly hit his head on the walls at the hospital and also slammed his head into the chest of one of the troopers.

Moorhouse was cleared medically and transported to the jail, during which police claim that he started to hit his head on the windows of the patrol vehicle.